Alice and The Demon, Part 1

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"Oh, that's right." Alice leans on his shoulder. "Then what is it that you need?"

"I'm going to buy more supplies for the Phantomhive shop." Ciel says.

Alice jerks up from her spot looking worried. "You're only 13! I'm the one that's supposed to help our family business remember? Also Bessy, our horse is hard for you to control her reins!"

"Maybe I should go with him, if that will satisfy you."

Both of them look up to see a man with black hair swished to the side, wearing black pants and a red shirt. his bow and arrows behind him. His golden eyes swarmed around Alice's body and Ciel didn't like it. "If you marry me, Alice Phantomhive." The man leans down to Alice's level.

Ciel jumps from his place. "Like she'll marry you, Claude Faustus!" He looks down at Alice. "I promise I'll be back! I don't want you to go in this season."

Alice smiles at Ciel and nods. "I trust you, but please be careful."

She stands up and carries her books. Alice fake smiles at Claude. "Sorry, but as Ciel has already said. I won't marry you."

Both the siblings walk back home and later that night, Alice helps Ciel get Bessy ready to go to the next town.

"Please be safe and be easy on Bessy." Alice says as she puts the last package holder on the horse.

Ciel nods and gets up on the horse. "I will and don't worry, I'll be back soon before you say 'Apple pie'."

He swings the reins and goes off down the road. Alice watches sadly as Ciel's figure shrinks every minute. "Apple pie..." She whispers.

A week had already passed since that night and Alice was getting worried. She walks around the village if they had seen Ciel. None gave a positive answer.

Alice hears a familiar horse neighing really loud. She turns around and sees Bessy running towards her and stops a feet away. "Bessy?! Where's Ciel?!"

The horse gallops behind her and starts pushing towards the direction that it came from. Alice looks up at the horse and understands. She jumps up on it's back and the horse gallops down the road and into a forest holding it's rider.

Alice pushes her red hooded robe over her head as the snow falls. She shivers in the cold as the wind blows harder. The horse stops in front of a huge black gate.

"This is the place?" Alice jumps off and holds the cold black bars. "Wow, just like in those books. An old castle."

Alice opens the gate and to her surprise it opened with no budge. She walks across the courtyard and up to the front doors. She gulps but holds back her fear. 'I'm here to find you Ciel, please be safe!'

"Hello?" Alice's voice echoes in the castle. "Anyone here?"

Somewhere in a room close to the front door where Alice is was a dish, a shovel, and a flamethrower looking over at her. "It's a girl!" The shovel yells in a surprise.

"No duh, the thing is. Will she break the curse?" The flamethrower asks.

The dish turns herself to them. "Oh the demon doesn't like people wandering the castle!"

"Anyone there?" Alice asks again. The three objects ran to a different room, but before they did, the shovel quickly opens the door to the basement and runs back to join the dish and flamethrower.

Alice turns to the door that the shovel had open. "Huh, I never saw that door open."

She walks over and sees stairs leading down to the basement. Each step that she took clicked against the stone stairs. "Ciel, are you down here?"

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