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Promise Hearts

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a/n: Alice is still having her past dream~! Just a heads up there~! Also I think this video is adorable and funny~! Has a dancing hot dog and mustache~  :3

A month passed and to Claude's  surprise, he took care of Alice's health and her clothing. He made sure that when he left to look for souls to eat that the house was secured and no one could go in to open the metal coffin where Alice slept in slumber.

'There must be a good outcome of this mess' Claude thought after eating a worthless soul. He opens the door to his house and hear banging in the room where Alice was.

* * *

Alice wakes up banging against the metal coffin. She couln'dt believe that Claude would leave her, the thought of her made her start crying. Alice gives up trying to open the lid and leans against the lid. "First my brother, now Claude...God help me..."

The lid opens and Alice falls forward into Claude's open arms. "God can't help demons. Which reminds me why are you awake?"

"C-Claude?" Alice asks wiping her tears away. "I thought you left me."

Claude hugs her and embraces her with his lips. Alice looks surprised but didn't push away. Claudes moves away. "I promised that I would stay, didn't I Alice?"

Alice nods her head smiling. "Yes."

Claude holds her hand and leads her to the balcony to see the beach and blue ocean. Alice gasps at the beautiful sunset as the pink color mix with the dark blue ocean. "It's beautiful!"

"Yes, it is." Claude looks down at her. He looks a bit shocked at Alice's appearance. On her head was black cat ears and as he look down there was a cat tail. Claude touches her cat ears.

Alice blushes. "Why are you touching my ears?"

"Did you already know you have cat ears and tail?" Claude asks.

Alice face was priceless to Claude. She slowly touches the cat ears on her head and gulps. "W-When did I have cat ears?!"

She moves her tail and screams. "What's happening to me?!"

Claude pats Alice's head. "Calm down, you have those since you're a cat demon. They'll disappear in a while if you calm down. I think..."

"Oh joy..." Alice sighs and her ears flattens down. "My brother left me alone with my hateful family, he promised to stay with me through rough times. Now look at me!"

Claude sighs and pushes up his glasses at her. "You're doing great now. You have me remember?"

"That's right, I do have you." Alice calms down and her cat ears and tail disappears. "Promise, Claude Faustus?"

"Alice Faloria...I will always stay by your side. Day and night, sugar and salt, living and dead, impure and pure." Claude hugs her.

*fastforwad to a couple years*

"Claude, you just came back from England and now you have to leave back there again?" Alice complains after making some pasta. Claude puts the last bag of his belongings near the door. He had a contract with a kid that was a little worth eating his soul for.

"Yes, I'm sorry but I already made a contract with a boy for his soul in London." Claude stated and helps set up their last dinner on the table. Alice frowns and sits at the table poking her pasta. Claude shakes his head. "Don't play wiht your food."

"But you're going to leave me alone." Alice gives in and eats slowly.

As they both finished, it was time for Claude to go catch his boat. Alice hugs him tightly. "Don't go, I love you. So please don't leave."

Claude smiles and pats her head. "I've been keeping those feelings also."

"Then you can-" Alice stopped as Claude places his lips against hers. He moves away from her and places his hand on her back. A gold glow forms around them and as it disappears, Claude grabs his things. "I put a half mark that makes you my mate. No one can see it but you and I. When we meet again, I'll put a full mark of you, but it won't work if you mate with another demon. You understand, right Alice Faloria?"

Alice nods. "I'll be back with you soon as your mate and not to fall for another demon. Claude Faustus."

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