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HI HI~! :D

This is based off of role play by me and my dear friend Thibaud, who i dedicate this chapter to~!

She has a profile info. on Robin Peoples who is in this story~!

Enjoy this forbidden fruit~! :3



Name: Alice

Age: unknown

Race: Cat Demon

Gender: Female

Personality: Likes to play jokes, funny, happy go lucky, sometimes clueless on simple things. Sometimes serious if needed.

Hair: Red color, short and a little messy.

Height: 4 feet 9 inches

Clothes: Dark blue vest, white long sleeve button up shirt, blue ribbon bow on neck, black pants, wears black gloves, and shoes.

Eye color:Blue

Likes:Food, playing tricks, killing if nessicary, chess, hanging out with Robin E. Peoples, likes playing tag but is usaully it, watching clouds, strawberries and bunnies, and white roses.

Hates:Anoying girls, gays who hit on cuz she looks like a boy, the taste of spicy foods.

Job: Helps Robin nothing more, even if she doesn't have a contract with her. Works in Phantomhive Mansion, as a maid and she hates wearing the dresses so she wears the butler uniform.

Family: Older brother named Noah, he is alive and Alice is tryingto find him. Parents are long been dead.

Past: Unknown.

Last name: Faloria

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