Remember to Forget

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The morning sun rises and Alice was sleeping peacefully in her bed. She smiles at the thought of cupcakes and white chocolate roses. The door opens and Sebastian comes in holding a maid dress fro her. He smirks at looking at Alice sleeping peacefully. She moves peacefully into her pillow.

"Alice, wake up. It is time for your daily chores." Sebastian puts the maid dress on the bed and leans down to her ear.

"What do you want...." Alice mumbles and rubs her eyes.

He fixed her with his demonic eyes and wrapped his long fingers around her neck, careful to just startle her a bit, and not choke her involuntarily, "How many debts do you have to pay, Alice?" he asked on a flat tone, lashes falling over the glooming eyes.

Alice glares at him. "Why?"

"You won't leave this mansion, do you understand? You're ours now," even though Sebastian's tone was concealing hints of possessiveness, "...a submissive compound of our mansion. That's what you are. Whatever debts you've got registered, you'll stay here."

His cold fingers clenched at the flesh just lightly, nails grazing the skin. " tell me you've understood. Vow to me."

Alice stares at him in shock, she reaches up to touch his face. "Before I vow, there will be a time that I will leave to protect Master Ciel. You'll understand, right?"

Sebastian grip tightens. "So you-"

Alice uses all her force to kiss him. Sebastian never was interrupted. She hugs his neck and sets her head on his broad shoulders. "Baka, I vow that'll I'll never leave until the time comes..."

Alice whispers in his ear. Sebastian smirks, but it disappears when he sees that blood trickles down on his fingers. He moves Alice away from him to see her injuries on neck with finger scratches.

Alice's eyes were closed. "Alice wake up." Sebastian commands. No response. "Don't play dead with me, Alice."

She opens her eyes and pout. "Oh darn, why don't my pranks work on you?"

No smile conquered Sebastian's face. He remained still, lips parting lightly as he memorised the taste of her lips. Sebastian bent down to lick the small grazes he's made earlier, until they healed completely.

He then commenced planting butterfly kisses on the skin of Alice's neck and jawbone, lips parting further to allow the tongue to flick on the smooth skin.

"It's not funny playing dead, Alice." Sebastian mumbled and smiled, bending back up to lock eyes with hers. His fingers glided on her cheek whilst his thumb stroked her bottom lip; "Keep up with the good work, servant." he teased her and stood, sorting out wrinkled clothes.

Now that she has vowed to him, he felt relieved. How could a demoness of her kind refuse to submit to him? With a smirk stretched onto his face, Sebastian threw one last glance in her direction.

Alice glares at him, for toying with her like those humans he toyed with once. "Get out, I'll deal with my clothes not you."

Sebastian smirks but continues to fold her wrinkled clothes. "It would seem you thought I'm toying with you." He chuckles.

 She stands up from her bed and walks over to him to slap him, but he grabs her arm in time to stop her. "You are, so leave me alone for eternity and don't even think of me as a woman but a fellow servant!" Alice growls with her demonic eyes.

Sebastian remained still, holding her wrist in an almost rough manner. He could feel the bones sticking against his palm as the grip tightened even so lightly. "I shall think of you the way I want. For one, you're certainly not an ordinary woman." he swung her into his arms and placed her on the bed.

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