Demon Chess Part 1

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Alice slowly moves away from the kiss that she and Sebastian shared. He gives her a confused look as she looks down sadly. "What ever is the matter?"

Alice breathes in slowly. She looks up at Sebastian. "It's time. I have to leave to protect Ciel."

Sebastian's eyes slightly bulged from shock, but returned back to normal. "Is it Claude that you have to go to?"

"Yes, sadly." Alice felt herself crying. She never cried. "I wanted to stay longer, but the stupid spider wanted me to leave early..."

"How did you know it was Claude anyway?" She asked as she felt a cold tear flow down.

Sebastian wipes the runaway tears. "From Hika of course, now..." He leans towards her and gives her butterfly kisses on her tears. "Where's the trickster that I kindly care for?"

Alice growls. "Shut up you crow..."

"There she is." Sebastian gives her a sly smile. "Now, shall we discuss a plan to get rid of Claude?"

Alice smiles with joy. "Thought you never asked."

♞ ♞ ♞ ♞

*Few hours later*

"I really thought you wouldn't show up." Claude closed the doors behind him.

"You expect me to stay and be hunted by you?" Alice laughs. She shakes her head and grins. "Not a chance."

"CLAUDE! WHO'S AT THE DOOR?!" A yell from a certain blonde boy called out in a certain sing-song voice.

"He sounds more fun than Ciel." Alice said as she follows Claude up the stairs. They walked down a hallway and stop at a door at the end.

"Alice Faloria is here to give you her assistance." Claude said as he opens the door for Alice.

She walks in and bows to Alois. "It is my pleasure to serve you."

"The pleasure is all mine~!" Alois smiles. Alice shivers at his weird smile. It reminded her of a certain red headed reaper.

"So, you're the one who's going to help me bring down Ciel Phantomhive." Alois said as he goes under his desk.

Alice sweatdrops, but nods none of a less. "Yes, I made a deal with Claude and I lost, so I come to give you my service." She lied.

Alois pops back up from his desk and takes out a box. "Wonderful! Do you know what this is?" He asked smiling.

"A chess box." Alice answered.

He nodded with joy. "Correct! You know how to play chess?"

"But of course." Alice gives Alois a Cheshire Cat smile.

"Before we start our plan," Claude interrupts. "Shall I introduce her to the other servants?"

"Oh my, of course! Bring them in!" Alois yells with glee.

Claude opens the door to the huge office like room and in walked four servants. Three of the identical triplets stood on the right of the maid.

"This is Timber, Thompson, Canteburry." Claude's introduces the three triplets. He then sets a hand on the maid's shoulder. "This is Hannah, the maid."

Hannah gave a slight bow to Alice. On the other hand, Alice didn't like the bad vibe she was getting from Hannah. "Nice to meet you all." Alice said with no joy in what so ever.

♞ ♞ ♞ ♞

*Few hours later*

The ball that was a trap for Ciel and his servants was working out perfectly. His fiancé, Elizebeth and the servants were like puppets to Alois. All that was left was Ceil, Sebastian, Hika, Sage, Undertaker, and Robin. Ciel glares at Alois and his servants.

"What do you want Trancy?" Ciel growls in anger.

"Easy Ciel," Alois takes out a white chess piece of a king. "Play 'Demon Chess' with me."

" 'Demon Chess'? Is that some sick game you just made up?!" Ciel threw his cane at Alois, but Alice grabbed the cane and broke it in half with her knee.

"ALICE?!" Everyone yells in shock, but Sebastian smirked a little knowing what's going to happen. But Claude thought, that Sebastian thought Alice was just on their side and she'll slowly come back.

"Wrong." Claude grabs Alice's waist and kisses her forehead. Making Sebastian a tad jealous. "She's here for me. She'll never go back to you."

"Claude~! Focus now, lead them to the room." Alois ordered.

The all walked to a room and inside was a huge set of chess pieces. At one side with the black pieces, was a high level floor and a couch on it. There were stairs leading up to that couch. This was the same on the other side for the giant red chess pieces.

Alois took the red's side, while Ciel took the black'a side. As everyone got in their places. Alois clears his throat. "Now I would like your demons or reapers go on your side and I'll let mine."

"Wait!" Hika yelled. "That's not fair, you have six on your side! and we have four on ours!"

"Scared I'll take you down?" Alice smirks as she stand right across from Hika on the chess board.

Hika laughs. "You wish. I thought you were on our side."

"I'm only doing this for Ciel's life." Alice hisses.

"Really? Because it seems to me you're doing a horrible job at that!" Hika hisses back.

Alice shakes her head. "Again, do I have to repeat myself? HALF BREED?"

"THAT'S IT!" Hika jumps at her, but Alice dodges.


"Alice!" Both Ciel and Alois commanded their players.

Hika walks back to her place.

"Now what is the purpose of this game?" Ciel asked.

"Easy, you call out the moves for your chess pieces and your players will move them. Same as for me and when two piece from the opposite sides meet. The one's who pushed them go into battle. When a certain opponent's piece was placed next to the other opponents piece. The other opponent has to say their move, their player needs to move that piece from the opponent's said move, and they have a choice to fight against the other player or dodge from the other player's attacks to get the chess piece in it's place." Alois explains.

"So, it's like chess. But more deadly." Robin says as she sits down next to Ciel.

"Exactly." Alois smiles. He puts his hands out towards the door. "If you win, I'll release your dear friends from their trance."

"And if you win?" Ciel asks.

"I get to have another duel with you, but not this game." Alois smiles. "And I'll let your friends go."

"It wouldn't matter, I'll duel with you if I win anyways." Ciel stated.

"Good~. You can go first." Alois waves his hand to make Ciel say his move.

"Let the game begin." Alice whispers.

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