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Goodbye Red Racketeer for Now

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A small funereal was made for Alice Faloria the following day after Ciel turned into a demon. For planing the funereal was of course Undertaker, but not just the coffin but a tomb also. It was the size of a cottage.

The coffin he mad was the same as Snow White's, but the pearl white marble covers the glass that covered Alice.

It was a pearl white marble house shaped, the roof was gold, the double doors and rose knocker were also gold.

The fences outside were blacked, spiked like roses, along with roses on some parts of it. The gate had two cats at the ends on top.

To tack off the cover, it would take 5 people, to demons and reapers it is just one.

Ciel's servants and Elizabeth, who was told about what happened and secretes were told, were also there. Everyone brought special items for Alice and was getting ready to be placed on shelves on opposite walls.

The back wall was a painting of Ciel sitting in his office chair and Alice standing on the right side and Sebastian on the other.

Alice's coffin was in the middle of the tomb.

Mei-Rin brought a broken dish that said "idiot" from Alice a long time ago. A couple years ago, when Alice first met everyone in the Phantomhive household. She saw how clumsy Mei-Rin was and wrote "idiot" on one of the dishes to remind Mei-Rin not to drop anymore dishes. Which failed, because Mei-Rin was always clumsy.

Finnian brought a china flower vase that he dearly loved and so did Alice. During the time she was breaking vases, she left that one specific vase untouched.

Bard's was his flamethrower. He remembered the days that when he burned food, Alice would hunt him down for burning good food.

Tanaka's was his tea cup that he always drinks from when he was in his 'calm' mode.

Elizabeth'a gift was the same exact dress that Alice wore at Viscount Druit's Ball. "It brings out her eyes." She said.

Robin's gift was a huge telescope. She remembered that Alice wanted to see the stars better, because it reminded her that they will never leave. Back then, like her, but she's gone.

Grell gave Alice a rapier, the hilt was red and the blade was black. He sneak the weapon from grim reaper headquaters.

Hika and Sage's gift was two demon stoned tigers. Which they set both outside of the tomb to guard it. They'll come to life when there's trespassers and they believed that if Alice came back to life that the tigers will stay by her side.

Ciel's gift was a ring that looked exactly like his family ring, but the ring's brand was black.

"She will always be like family." He smiles for the first time in a long time. Ciel puts the ring back in it's box an behind the hidden picture in the back wall of the tomb.

Elizabeth noticed that Sebastian didn't have a gift. "Where's your gift to Alice?" She asked.

Sebastian's smiled as he takes out tow photos of everyone back then.

The first was Madame Red, Grell as her servant, Loa, Prince Soma, Agni, the servants of the Phantomhive household, Elizabeth and her family.

The second was Grell, Undertaker, Hika, Sage, Ronald, and William.

Both were put in picture frames.

Everyone set their gifts on shelves and got ready for the ceremony.

Alice's dress was white and long. The cushions of the coffin were velvet.

"Finnian," Undertaker points at the said gardner. "Would you mind closing the coffin after we say our goodbyes."

Finny nods.

"Here lies Alice Faloria, who lived to save the ones she cared." Undertaker puts his hand on the coffin glass. "She loved to pull pranks and take things overboard, but she was special. Loved by fellow servants, loved by dear friends, loved by her master, and lastly loved by lover."

"It is time to say our goodbyes." He finished.

Hika walks up to Alice's coffin. She glares at her. "Why did you have to freaking die? Sebastian could've dodged the attack and you would stand here calling me a 'half breed'!" A few drops of tears plopped onto the glass coffin. Elizabeth started sobbing onto Ciel's chest.

"You should be glad I got you demon tigers, 'old woman'..." Hika finishes and steps back.

Finny, Bard, and Mei-Rin all hugged the coffin, crying their goodbyes.

Elizabeth touched the glass around the are of where her face is. With tears still in her eyes, it was hard for her to speak. "I-I *hic* h-h-hope that a...a pri-*hic* prince would *hic* k-kiss you..to wa-*hic* wake you up."

It was Robin's turn to say her goodbye. "I'll find a way to make human's lives stay longer. Just so that we could see each other again..."

Ciel did his goodbyes from the moment he set the ring behind the painting.

Grell was too sad to say his goodbye since he was crying a river.

Sebastian was last to say his goodbye. He lifts up the glass cover and deeply kisses Alice's lips. After a few seconds he moves away with a sad smirk. "I was hoping lady Elizabeth's plan would work. That's all fairytale, isn't it? No matter."

He touches Alice's dead cold cheek. "I will wait for you, till I die if I must."

Sebastian places the glass back in it's place and Finny closes the coffin with the marble cover.

Everyone walked out as Undertaker closes the double doors and locks it. He noticed that Sebastian was waiting for something. Undertaker holds the key. It was black and antique like, to make it more unique it had a red rose on the holder. "I think I'll be keeping this. I am the care taker of Alice's tomb."

"Of course..." Sebastian nods and follows behind with Ciel.

They could hear the spiked gates close and locked. The key was red and same antique style as the other, but with a black rosé on the holder.

Ciel stops in his tracks.

Sebastian stops without a thought.

"That wasn't a gift you wanted to give her, was it?" Ciel asked.

"I truly apologize my lord." Sebastian bows.

Ciel turns around with a slight glare. "Do you even care for her?!" He yells.

"Of course I do." Sebastian straightens himself. "I meant what I said, from my goodbye. The gift I'll give her will be the first thing that she will get when she wakes up." He looks back at Alice's tomb.

On top of the double doors was a plate that said, 'Alice Faloria'.

Ciel takes off his eyepatch. His eye glows with Sebastian's contract. "I order you to visit Alice whenever as long as you pleased."

Sebastian's eyes glows and bows with one knee down. "As you wish my lord..."

"Good. Undertaker will give you the keys, he has replicas." Ciel tries to tie his eye patch on.

Sebastian chuckles and ties it for him. "I'm surprised you ordered such a command. Are you perhaps nicer to your one hell of a butler?"

Ciel glares at him slightly and turns forward. "Shut up. Get the carriage ready, we need to leave soon."

"Of course my lord." Sebastian smiles at Ciel's reply.

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