Doctor's In

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Robin puts another set of work paper on a stack of others. She felt tired and wanted to go to bed for the next day. Robin stands up and puts her jacket on, and a huge gush of wind opens the windows behind her. She turns around to see a red long haired man holding a girl with the same hair color and a bobcat in his arms. "Robin E. Peoples?!"

Robin glares slightly at the man. "Yes, who are you and how do you know me?"

"Grell Sutcliff, this here is Hika, my daughter and Ciel told me about you. Now please check up on Hika!" Grell puts Hika on the bed in the office.

Robin looks at the wound and feels Hika's forehead. "I'll cover her wound and she seems to have a slight fever. Hika will have to stay here for a couple days."

* * *

That night in Joker's tent. Alice lays down on his bed and looks up at the little colored broken glasses. "They're beautiful..." she whispers.

Joker takes his shirt off and leans over her. "No, ye who is beneath me, is the most beautiful girl I have seen."

Alice blushes a little. She never heard Sebastian say that to her, so it felt nice that Joker said that to her. Joker moves his hand up Alice's leg, feeling her silky skin. Alice felt herself being less joyed by this. The pleasure she received from Sebastian was more tensed, but she played along. Alice wraps her arms around Joker's neck to proceed towards his lips. Their night only went slightly rough in Joker's tent. No one noticed since they were all asleep.

(a/n: I was blushing on the last half...>_<)


The next morning, Hika awoke, cocooned in soft sheets, but did not feel at all well-rested. Her throat ached, and her head was pounding. The last thing she remembered was her black-out outside the circus grounds. This thought made her eyes shoot open, she realized she had slept past dawn.

The light streaming through the windows stung her eyes, but she worked through it, sitting up and looking around the room. She was laying in a simple bed, surrounded by simple furnishings. A chair, an end-table, and a lamp. She could also see a door, her ticket outside to uncover her location. She wearily pushed the warm blankets off of her body.

As she tried to stand, pain spread like wild-fire from the lash mark on her side. She gritted her teeth to work through the pain of the cleanly patched up wound. Something was slowing down her normally rapid healing process.

The only thing that could do that was illness... Just as she took her first excruciating step towards the door, it opened.

Grell walked in carrying a glass of water. He stopped at the sight of her and dramatically dropped the glass.

"Hikallia, darling, you're white as a ghost! Please get back into bed!" he exclaimed, scooping her up and gently tucking her back in.

"I feel, cough, fine!" she lied weakly. Her voice cracked with each word, proving her lack of rest was from coughing throughout the night.

"No, my dear, you aren't fine. It has been brought to my attention that you have a cold!" he pulled off one of his black, leather gloves and pressed the back of his hand to her forehead. He pulled away quickly, pretending to have been burnt. "Your on fire, darling! Let me get the doctor!"

With that, he raced out of the room. Hika sighed. 'A cold, huh?' she thought. 'Damn.'

Robin walks in holding the clipboard. "Hikallia Sutcliff, daughter of Grell and pet of Sebastian?"

She shakes her head in disappointment. "Alice must have been mad for while."

Hika coughs and Grell gives her more water, while Robin takes out a pill. "Drink this, it will make you feel better."

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