Cats and Blaze

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The sun rose and one of its sun beams entered Joker's tent, waking up the Alice in her blissful sleep. Even though demons don't sleep, once in a while she needs to since she's a cat demon.

Alice felt a hand her chest and a warm body behind her. She looks over her shoulder to see Joker naked under the blanket. She blushes as she remembered what happened last night.

Joker wakes up from the sunlight, smiling at Alice as the golden rays danced on her pale skin. "Ye looks like an angel sent to me."  

Alice laughs, shaking her head. "But, that won't work. I'm a demon that made a contract with ye." 

She lifts her demon marked hand to brush Joker's orange hair. Sebastian's image somehow popped in her mind. Alice cursed a little and starts looking for Sebastian's glove that she kept for a month and a half.

Joker didn't like how her attention was brought to something else. He lifts up the glove that she always wears. "Alice, is this yours?" 

Alice lifts up a pillow looking for the white glove and when she heard Joker say something about hers.

Alice grabs the glove and hugs Joker. "Thank ye for lookin for it!" 

She puts it on, but Joker stops her. "Why is this so important to ye? Is it from your lover?" 

Alice blushes and turns away. Joker frowns and makes her face turn to his. "Alice, I order you to forget him and only love me. Throw this glove away." Joker orders.

Alice's eyes turn bright pinkish red. "Yes master."

* * * * *

The daylight awoke a healthy Hika. Her throat was only mildly sore, and her coughing had stopped. Her fever was down to a regular 98.2 degrees. This meant she could leave. 

Grell called a thank you and goodbye to Robin, who glared after him, not feeling like being nearly as cheerful as him. 

Hika carried Sage out onto the street, followed by her father. They slowly made there way towards town, not really having a particluar goal in mind. Hika was surprised by a small voice as they turned onto the street where the circus was. 

"You know, I could easily find out whats going on in there..." she looked around, searching for the source of those words. 

"Down here," the voice said. Hika looked down at Sage, who was lovingly gazing up at her. "Yes, master, I never got to formally thank you. You probably saved my life." Hika could hear the words, but the cat's mouth was not moving. She had spoken to animals before, but never had they offered any kind of friendlyness.

"What are you talking about, Sage?" she asked quietly, trying not to draw her father's attention. 

"I can get you answers! Maybe find out what's happening to the kids," Sage shifted in her arms, getting excited. 

"Sage, I don't think that's a good idea..." she whispered. She didn't want the young bobcat in any danger. 

"But that way, you wouldn't be meddling! Master, please, I can handle it!" he stared up at her with his big golden eyes, pleading her to let him go. 

She sighed. "Fine, but if your not out of there by nightfall..." 

"I will be, master! I promise!" he leapt out of her arms and slipped through the gate of the circus, discreetly making his way to the big-top tent. 

Grell turned back and noticed that Sage was gone. 

"Where'd the cat go?" he asked. 

"To hunt," Hika replied simply.

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