Ciel's First Fiance (Ciel X Reader) by ErElMo
Ciel's First Fiance (Ciel X Reader)by Bunny
You are (Y/N) (L/N). Ever since you were little, you had been arranged to marry Ciel Phantomhive. However, the Midford family threatened your fathers business and you we...
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Undead [Undertaker x Reader] • Kuroshitsuji  by adventuretimefanitc
Undead [Undertaker x Reader] • Eyebags
[BOOK 1/1] (Note that this book will use the head cannon name Adrian Crevan) "So you're dead?" "But... I'm not?" The cloaked man leaned back in his c...
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Silent Maid by AbandonAllShipsFan
Silent Maidby AbandonAllShipsFan
"Young Master, I never knew that we have another servant." "That's because she prefers it that way. Don't mess with her Sebastian." "Is that an...
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Black Butler x Child!reader by storylover687
Black Butler x Child!readerby storylover687
Ciel Phantomhive was doing paperwork when he suddenly got a letter from The Queen herself,she wanted Ciel to take care of 6 year old child who is her granddaughter.Ciel...
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Michealis' Ex Girlfriend (Claude x Reader) by Raphewel122
Michealis' Ex Girlfriend (Claude Anime Fangirl
(Y/n) (L/n) is the ex girlfriend of Sebastian Michealis. She is a female demon and hates dealing contracts with humans for their souls so she just takes them as she plea...
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Sebastian X Neko Reader (Completed) by WinterFox12353
Sebastian X Neko Reader (Completed)by WinterFox12353
(Y/N) is a orphan girl, she lives on the street till she met Ciel Phantomive! Now she is the new maid of the Phantomhive Estate! And she will capture the heart of Sebast...
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Anime x ChubbyReader One-Shots by MochiPie97
Anime x ChubbyReader One-Shotsby JiminsMochi
Chubby Reader One shots with any male or female character you desire! Whoever you like as an anime character, I will write for you guys. Just explain which character y...
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Dominic Phantomhive (Ciel's Older Brother)(Black Butler/Yaoi fanfic) by DarkPainStorm
Dominic Phantomhive (Ciel's Dark-Pain-Storm
Ciel's Older Brother is found and brought back home. What will his brother be like? What will Ciel do? And most of all, how will the demon butler think of the mysterious...
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The Modern World  || Black Butler by Ayaunicat
The Modern World || Black Butlerby ᴛʀᴇᴇ-ᴛᴀsᴛɪᴄ
Dreaming of the Kuroshitsuji characters to land on your living room, clueless on their whereabouts? What happens when you, your brother and your best friend get dragged...
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Black Butler X Reader One Shots by lavitaffy
Black Butler X Reader One Shotsby ♡ ♡ ♡
Black butler one shots!! I obviously don't own kuroshitsuji Currently editing and updating ^^ Enjoy ♡
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The fine line. (Male! Yandere x reader) by Hailey-chan
The fine line. (Male! Yandere x Hails
"Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters." You can request anything, yandere! x reader x yandere! or just yandere! x reader. R...
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Fujoshi 😍😍 by Total_Trashh
Fujoshi 😍😍by 😏
A bunch of gay ass pictures for all you fan girls and boys Love you ❤❤
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Sweet Seduction~ Black Butler x Reader Lemons by SleepingDeath
Sweet Seduction~ Black Butler x Author-Chan
A book full of smut and lemons mainly centred around a female reader and characters of either gender. Please note that I am very inexperienced when it comes to writing s...
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Anime Pick Up Lines by choba_tea
Anime Pick Up Linesby ♛ チェルシー
~Wanna know how to be smooth like me? Then use these pick up lines. Lol. -this book has been completed *ANIME PICK UP LINES BOOK 2 is out now!!!!!*
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"My Naive Little Butler" (Boyxboy)[Completed - Edit Ongoing] by eikiji
"My Naive Little Butler" (Boyxboy) Eikiji
Being a highly skilled butler with nothing in mind but to serve his master, love isn't listed in Lay's dictionary. But having a blunt, straightforward and a romantic...
  • masterxservant
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Various X chubby reader one shots❤️ by Sassyshotaprincess
Various X chubby reader one shots❤️by Sassyshotaprincess
anime or any show really x chubby reader! :) updates are slow~~ bare with me
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The Demon's Little Angel [ Black Butler Fanfic] by Hime_chan10
The Demon's Little Angel [ Black Morinozuka Hime
3/14/2017 - #926 IN FANFICTION, 3/15/2017 - #383 IN FANFICTION, 3/18/2017 - #175 IN FANFICTION Angelique Phantomhive is the only daughter of the late Earl Vincent Phanto...
  • family
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🍋Lemonssssss🍋 by DeadKiller100
🍋Lemonssssss🍋by DarkSunshine101
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Daddy Fandom (2) by Lost156
Daddy Fandom (2)by fℓυffу
Requests open Disclaimer: Don't own any pictures, it belongs to their rightful owner
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Black rose (abused & neglected) by slctexcen
Black rose (abused & neglected)by slctexcen
You are the son of summer and qrow they would abused and treated you like a slave one night you sold your soul then you dead and became now as Sebastian michaelis
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