It really is Hell

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Alice and the rest ran towards where they last saw Claude and Sebastian. But it was next to the lake. The fog was making it worse for them to see.

"How are we supposed to get across?" Sage asks.

Alice looks around for any possibilities, until she saw a dock. She turns around. "Robin!"

"Yes?" Robin replied.

"You have a boat at this dock, right?" Alice asks.

"I do but it won't fit all of us. It could only fit four." Robin said.

They were running towards the docks.

"Wouldn't that fit all of us?" Hika asked.

Undertaker shakes his head. "Not when we save Ciel and Sebastian."

"We don't have time!" Alice jumps in the row boat. They all got in and Undertaker rows in inhuman speed.

The fog slowly went away as they reach closer and closer to the island.

Robin looks at it strangely. "It looks just like an island."

"To humans it is, but to demons and reapers. It's Hell's Gate." Undertaker pushes the oars.

Hika and Sage shiver. "I have a bad feeling about this." Sage snuggles close to Hika.

"We all do." Alice said.

The boat hit the island with a loud thump.

They quickly climb up the rocky steps and reached the top. They notice Sebastian and Claude fighting, but Claude had the sword an Sebastian didn't.

Alice notices the sword. "Wait is that-"

"I believe so." Undertaker said.

"I don't understand." Both Robin and Hika said.

"It's the Demon Sword. The only weapon that can kill demons." Alice said. "But what is it doing here at Hell's Gate?"

"I brought it here to kill all of you."

Everyone turns around except Sebastian and Claude. It was Hannah holding the crazy Ciel.

"Release Ciel..." Alice growls.

"I don't think so." Hannah points at Ciel. "You see, Ciel Phantomhive is struggling against Alois Trancy."

"You merged their souls?!" Sage yelled.

Alice runs up and round house kicks Hannah's face. They battle all out while Hika, Undetaker, and Robin try to help Ciel

"You'll never save that boy!" Hannah laughs.

Alice smirks, she takes out a dagger and points it at Hannah's neck.

She stares at the dagger, laughing. "This can't kill me."

"Oh really now?" Alice gabs it at Hannah's side without her knowing.

Hannah growls in pain and glares at Alice. "HOW?!"

"Easy, I stoled it a long time ago." Alice lifts up the Demon Dagger. She then throws it at Hannah's heart.

It stabbed perfectly. Hannah looks down and takes it out slowly. She tries to jab Alice, but she looses her grip.

The Demon Dagger falls into the water below.

Hannah falls down dead in front of Alice.

"Finally, she was on my nerves..." Alice grumbles. "Even lost the Demon Dagger, tch." She frowns.

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