Handle this Chore of Punishment

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Alice arrives to the door and before she could knock, Sebastian opens the doors. He looks down to see Hika unconscious. “What happened?”

Alice drops Hika in his arms scowling. “I was trying to go to Italy for a short trip, until some demons showed up wanting to battle me.” She points at Hika. “Then this brat came and got me stabbed in the stomach. One of the demons knocked her out and I saved her butt.”

Sebastian gives Hika to Undertaker since he was there for business with Ciel. He grabs Alice’s arm and drags her to her room.

Sebastian ties down Alice on the bed with rope, tieing both her hands to the front bed post and her legs apart at the end. He ties the hands last and pulls real hard.

"Ouch! Be more gentle!" Alice hisses. "What kind of punishment is this?!"

Sebastian wraps his hands around her neck. "Now, please tell the truth before I break your neck. We both know that I don't want to do this."

Alice smirks and all the ropes that tied her down broke. She kisses Sebastian out of surprise. Alice touches his black soft hair as the kiss deepens. Sebastian grabs her waist to bring her closer to him. An image of Hika and the word 'pet' came to Alice and she pulls away in anger. Sebastian gives her a questioning look as he brings her face up to his. "Alice, why did you pull back?"

Alice turns her head away from him. "What is Hika to you?"

"She is just a pet and nothing more." Sebastian leans down to her neck and kisses real hard. "She is interested in Undertaker. Are you maybe jealous?" He smirks.

Alice tried to cover a groan from another kiss bite, but she managed it for a while. "N-No, wait just a litttle but she is a brat that needs to be taught." She says.

Sebastian chuckles. "And who to teach could be one hell of a prankster."

Alice blushes. He really gave her any good comments about her. She quickly kisses his cheek and turns away. "Thank you, Sebastian...." Alice whispers.


Meanwhile, Undertaker was busy trying to control Hika. She was clawing her way to the door she knew Alice was behind, while Taker was grabbing her clothes to try and drag her back.

"Darling, she's not worth the trouble!" Undertaker shouted. She was ready to rip her limb from limb, still holding the comment from earlier against her.

"Sebastian can handle it," Ciel said calmly, followed by Grell.

"DEAREST DAUGHTER! YOUR ALIVE!" he glomped the struggling girl, knocking her to the floor. He rolled around, cuddling her affectionately. Hika stopped her struggling, knowing how sensitive her father's feelings were. She just let him hold her until he was through. They both stood.

"Of course I'm alive, father. That little kitten couldn't hurt me if she tried," She grinned, here bobcat ears still exposed. She calmly tied her white ribbon over her ears to conceal them, then began to pace, deciding it would be better to just wait for her to come out.

Sebastian  knows that Hika was getting impatient sighs and buttons up Alice clothing. "We should get going before they get any more suspicious."

She nods and they both get off the bed and walk towards the door. Sebastian opens the door and Alice walks out to see Hika glaring at her. She smirks. "So child, have you learn your lesson not o follow me?"

"I'm not the brat you are!" Hika exclaims.

Alice laughs. "I'm older than you."

Hika hisses at her, "I'll make sure you don't age another day." She starts towards her, her claws extended and her wings spreading.

"Hika," Sebastian grabbed her attention, "You are not to harm her in the house. I just finished cleaning. That is an order."

Hika's eyes glowed a faint purple, then she backed away, taking her place beside Undertaker.

Ciel sighs and strides out of the room. "You bore me," he muttered as he left.

Grell smiled, "Oh, Bassy. Your such a catch, you clean, you cook... What don't you do?"

Sebastian scowls at Grell then grabs the back of his jacket, lifting him off the ground. Hika doesn't move from her place beside Undertaker, she knows that Sebastian would never genuinely hurt her father, but she does cut her eyes at him. He picks up on this as a warning, and simply throws Grell across the room, giving him a major carpet burn on his face.

"Is something the matter?" Taker whispers to Hika, noticing her claws extending and retracting repeatedly.

"That smirk..." she whispered back, "You were trying to tell me something weren't you."

He grinned, not looking at her, "You learn so quickly, my dear."

"If I leave now, I can still follow the trail she left in the woods..." she muttered, mostly to herself.

Undertaker smiled, "Sebastian?" The demon answered him with a the raise of his eyebrows.

"May I borrow Hika for a few hours? I need her to help me move a few coffins to my warehouse outside of town." Undertaker grinned widened slightly, making it almost frightening.

"Of course." Sebastian eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Alice on the other hand was trying to find Ciel. She didn't want to hear anymore of the annoying half demon, but was stopped by Sebastian. "Alice, where do you think you're going?"

"Somewhere far from that half brat." Alice growls. "Her cent is pissing me off."

Hika points at her. "You're the one pissing me off, you old hag."

An anger mark pops up on Alice's head, but she ignores the comment. She smiles at the conversation that Hika and Undertaker were having. "Oh, and you won't find anything else at that place. The boat has already left."

Hika hissed, "Mind your own damn business!"

Undertaker grabbed her wrist, leading her towards the door. "I'll just take Hika to my shop now, she'll be back before dark, mortician's honor!" he said with a creepy chuckle as they left, closing the door behind them.


They did in fact go to Undertaker's shop. When they arrived, Undertaker prepared tea and they sat down. Hika itched to start tracking, but she humored her friend, giving him her company for as long as she could stand.

"What made you think she was lying, Taker?" She asked him, taking a sip of her tea.

"Just a hunch. Her story wasn't adding up, since when could a few violent demons take you down?" He countered with a grin.

Hika looks around the shop as she takes another sip of her tea. Then a familiar smell hits her nose. It smelled similar to that one time at the forest.

"Undertaker, what is that smell?" Undertaker looks at the jar that was open.

"That's weird why is the amnesia demon powder open?" Then a small memory came back to Hika. Alice was making fun of her of something.

"Is there a cure for it?" She asks. Undertaker takes out a powder and gives it to Hika. She throws the powder at herself and remembers everything.

Hika jumps up from her chair. "We need to go back to that forest!" They run out of the shop and run to to the forest that Hika was fighting Alice.

They walk out of the forest and see nothing. "You won't find anything here." Alice comes out of the forrest shadows.

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