Red Oh Red, Are You My Red Racketeer?

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I cursed. Bard, Finny, and Mey-Rin better protect Lizzy. Jocker grabs my ankle, trying to bring himself up. "Alice, I order you to save me."

I smirked and shake my finger at him. "Ah, ah, ah, we had a deal," My eyes exaggerate some power, making my eyes bright blue. "Now I get my payment. Too bad you can't be in the same place with your family."

"But I will see Phantomhive's loved ones there." Jocker smirks evilly.

Ciel fake laughed. "Don't underestimate my staff, they have been picked specifically for this type of situation." He smirks at Jocker's face reaction. "Wonder what'll happen to your so called 'family'?"

"No..." Jocker whispers.

Ciel turns to me. "Go bak to the mansion." He orders.

I twitch. I point at him. "Listen, I have to suck his soul first. Then I can go back to the mansion and help out."

Sebastian glares at me slightly. "Do watch your attitude, towards our master." His eyes turn bright red. "Or else there will be consequences."

I shiver from his glare and sigh. "Take his soul and give it to me later."

"That sounds better," Sebastian pats my head.


My red cat ears on my head popped out and my tail. I blush from randomly showing my cat side. "Do that later." Sebastian finishes.

I nod and poof my ears and tail away. As I walk up the stairs, my cat ears popped out. A horse was coming this way. The scent of Doll was also coming.

"What a pain, I have to take a different route." I curse again. Wow, I'm beingunladylike today... New record!

Inside of my heart, I felt like someone was gripping it. My throat burns as my heart was being squeezed. I drop to my knees holding my throat, trying to stop the burning inside.

"Alice, it is time." A voice from the past whispers in my ear.

I shake in fear and shake my head. "'s not time yet..."

"I will only give you, till midnight to disappear." He pushes his glasses up.

The burning and heart gripping slowly dies. I sigh relief.

Claude forcefully turns my head to his and plants his lips harshly against mine.

It didn't feel right. Nothing did with him. I just want to die right now. But then, how will Sebastian punish me for talking back at Ciel.

"You are mine and mine alone, Alice Faloria." Claude's grip didn't loosen after the kiss.

I slowly swallow and I can feel my tears flow down. "Yes, I am your's alone Claude."

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