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Her Charge; His Prey (A Black Butler Fanfic) by Eternal_Words
Her Charge; His Prey (A Black Eternal_Words
A bear demon by the name of Anastasia(or Anya) Romanoff(primarily Russian but picked up the English accent[and language], though when angry or upset reverts to speaking...
Trapped in Black Butler || Sebastian X Reader by Fanfictato
Trapped in Black Butler || Fanfictato
You had ways to avoid reality, to engage in a moment of respite from the harsh world you knew to be true. What better time to do that than during the worlds largest pand...
Into His Arms by harley_q23
Into His Armsby harley_q23
After Harry is killed by those he trusts, he is sent back in time to the Victorian era. There he will find friends, mysterys, and love.
The Demon Inside by zara1581
The Demon Insideby aot-is-my-everything
Sebastian + Demon Reader: You're a demon so bad that you were kicked out of hell by Satan himself. When Sebastian and his young master, Ciel, end up stumbling into your...
Chosen (Sebastian x Reader) by lil_chaton_noir
Chosen (Sebastian x Reader)by Excuse_Moi
One moment can change a person's life, That moment entraps and ties that person to destiny. For Y/n that choice tied her to darkness itself. Highest Rank: #1 in sebasti...
Yours (sebaciel) by ciel_the_hive
Yours (sebaciel)by Noose Chan ❤️
Just a normal day in the manor every one was on task doing there work like they should it's time for the earl to go to sleep something ciel says leaves Sebastian shocked
The Phantomhive Experiment  by zara1581
The Phantomhive Experiment by aot-is-my-everything
Sebastian + Reader: (Y/N) Phantomhive, Ciels forgotten sister, a sister that would like to stay forgotten. But unfortunately that's not how fate works. You were the elde...
Little Lady of Phantomhive Manor by SUFanatic7152
Little Lady of Phantomhive Manorby SU Fanatic7152
It was a normal day at the Phantomhive manor until the servants find a baby on the front step.
Yandere!Sebastian x Reader by literateillumination
Yandere!Sebastian x Readerby literateillumination
Sebastian is in love with your independent spirit. But will that be your demise? Excerpt: "I've never learned to love things correctly. Perhaps as a demon, that's j...
What a Cute Little Kitten (Neko!Reader x Sebastian) by The_Painted_Rose
What a Cute Little Kitten (Neko! Diantha Marie
You were just a normal teenage girl, attending an anime convention with your friend. Your cosplay? A neko. Cliched, and you knew it. But you didn't care, you were simply...
Mistress Phantomhive(Sebastian x Fem Ciel) by AnyaISPsychic
Mistress Phantomhive(Sebastian x Anya
Ciel is the Lady of Phantomhive Manor and head of Funtom company, she has duties to her estate and business and helping her fulfill these duties is her loyal servant, th...
His Futuristic Kitten Sebastian x reader by Clara_Ride
His Futuristic Kitten Sebastian Clara, Dominic, and Rosa Ride
A beautiful girl from 2015 happens to be you, y/n. One of Sebastian's biggest fanGrells. How will you react when you get to meet him, in 1889? Will have fluff. Lemon? No...
A Deal With a Demon (Sebastian x Reader) by fxdinqstars
A Deal With a Demon (Sebastian x aspen
This is a story about Sebastian Michaelis x reader. This is a black butler fan fiction. This story will eventually contain smut but will have warnings which chapters are...
His lady from lust and lies to love  by animeher
His lady from lust and lies to Animeher
My name is Chloe Silverado. I am a gypsy. Yes, that means I can see into the future. I travel the world and tell fortunes for a living. But after meeting a certain demo...
A new begining by Remai123
A new beginingby Remai123
A Harry Potter x Black Butler fanfiction that I came up with while going to sleep TvT Harry dies at 5-6 years old and becomes a death reaper. Now I will not spoil cuz th...
Just puppies. Black Butler modern by Grel12
Just puppies. Black Butler modernby Grel12
Samantha Keynes a chef at her uncles restaurant, where she finds a box with puppies in side. She decides to take them home with her, not knowing that the puppies are the...
Falling to Hell by Robanilla
Falling to Hellby Robanilla
This is my first official Fanfic. I hope it isn't too bad, but hey, we live and we learn, don't we? -R. (SebastianxReader) Run. As fast as you can. But what happens if...
Black Butler: The New Hire  by TheChangeIWantToSee
Black Butler: The New Hire by TheChangeIWantToSee
Cover by @duuluv_ on Twitter This is a story about the third proper butler hired for Phantomhive Mansion named Lucas. Expect lots of mystery as Lucas uncovers the myste...
How I ended up (Forgotten Mistake by BtsPeace) by sande5098
How I ended up (Forgotten SandefurdaSlytherin
Former titles: Lost - Rose Basilisk 007 Forgotten mistake - BtsPeace Originally wrote by Rose Basilisk 007 Adopted by BtsPeace Adopted further by Sande5098 Warning: My...
Little Kitten. (Sebastian X Neko Child) by TheMagicWriter25
Little Kitten. (Sebastian X Neko Jinx
A beautiful, gentle and shy creature but also adventurous and curious of everything. That's what this little kitten is. What happens when she meets a man named Sebastian...