The Pipper's Son

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-Next night- 

Alice sits on the horse that Joker said to stay on until he comes. Her eyes glows bright blue cat like to see what's taking him so long.

Joker was talking to Beast and then puts his scarf on her neck.

Alice growls as she sees Sebastian sneaking up to her. "What are you doing here?"

Sebastian touches Alice's cheek. "I heard that Claude has taken in you in his grasp." 

She glares at him and slaps his hand away from her. Alice was close to a brink in tears. "Do, you really want to know?" 

"Of course, you are my half mate." Sebastian chuckles. 

Alice's eyes went wide in shock. "Sine when did you-" 

"When we were having a deal about talking about Grell." Sebastian puts up a finger. Alice blushes from the thought from that dreadful night.  

"Nether the less, you fell asleep and you said, 'I love you, Sebastian'. I marked you only half, so that you can make the choice of who you want as a mate." 

Alice could hear Joker walking over to them. She quickly kisses Sebastian's forehead and jumps off the horse to push him into the tent's shadows with her. Alice takes out a glove that he gave her from before. "Here," She said with a slight blush. Sebastian pushes her hand with the glove back to her. "Give it to me when we finish this case." 

"Blaze! Where are ye?!" Joker yells. He frowns and sighs as he unbuttons his collar shirt showing Alice's contract mark. "Alice, I order you to come." 

Alice takes a step towards him, but Sebastian sneaks a small kiss on her lips. He parts. "Be careful." 

She nods and walks out to meet Joker. "Sorry, there was a small delay."

Joker nods, but shakes his finger at her. "You've been acting strange since Black and Smile got here." 

Alice laughs, and jumps up on the horse's back. She smiles. "Let's go. I meet this father of yours." 

"He'll love ye! I promise!" Joker gets on the horse and goes down a dark road. 

* * * * 

The next morning, snow covered the roads and a mansion. Joker gets up half naked, unlike the cat demon next to her. She felt a small shiver crawl up and pulls the blankets over her pale skin. "The sun is burning my eyes...." Alice grown. She looks over at Joker seeing that he was putting a shirt on. Alice pulls up the blanket to cover her chest. "Do you need my help for you to get ready?" 

"No, it's fine." Joker buttons up the last button on his shirt. He looks out the window. "Please sing me a song." 

Alice laughs. "It sounds like you're going to die soon." Telling the truth since she knew he was. 

"Of course not!" Joker smiles at her. "I order you to sing...Alice...." 

She nods and closes her eyes. "Tom, he was a piper's son~, He learnt to play when he was young~" 

Joker ties his hair up and Alice puts her small red dress he gave her, but she still continued to sing the song. "And all the tune he could play was "Over the hills and far away"..." 

"Over the hills and a great way off~" Joker puts on the tear make up on his left eye. He looks down on the dresser to see the picture he, Alice, and his father were in. 

"The wind shall blow my top-knot off~." Alice finishes, she walks over to hug Joker's arm. 

"Over the hills to the other side...huh." Joker sighs, and holds Alice's hand. "We shall get ready for Ciel Phantomhive."

*Hika sits atop a building on the outskirts of the circus grounds, watching the little activity. Undertaker had collected her the day before after Will escorted her discreetly from the primisis. He sat there with her, fiddling with a doll he had brought from his shop. The night was quiet for the most part*

* * *

Hikallia sighs, taking a small bite out of an apple that she swiped from a vendor. They had been staking out the circus for at least a day and a half and not a single child had entered that did not come back out. 

A few times, Undertaker had left to check his shop for guests, but no one in the area had died lately. It just wasn't making sense. If the children weren't being kept here, and they weren't dieing, where were they dissappearing to? 

"Taker..." Hikallia said, glancing over her shoulder at the gray haired mortician, "Why can't I figure this out?" 

They were sitting on the rooftop again, letting the clouds loom overhead to keep them cool. He smirked down at her, "Because you are going about this the way a demon would... But not the way a Reaper would..." He chuckled to punctuate his words. 

"What do you mean?" She stood, glancing down at him before doing a headcount of a small group of young boys that ran into the circus grounds. One, two, three, four. 

"Hika, dear... How do Reapers keep track of a mortal?" He was offering a hint, but Hikallia still didn't understand. 

"Well... I suppose they check the mortal's on-file records..." Then it hit her. All she needed was a name. "But, I'm not allowed to go to the Library without a certified elder... Undertaker..." She stared at him for a moment. "Will you take me?" 

Undertaker stood and grinned his wicked smile, "I thought you'd never ask..." 

Before they left the grouds, Hika saw the group of boys exit the circus. One, two, three, four...

* * * * * 

Later that day at night. Alice stands in the middle of the entrance room with dolls hanging on the ceiling. She takes out a red silk cloth in her hands. The time had finally came, for her master to die. Joker answers the door with a gloomy face. "We have been waiting for you, Earl Phantomhive." 

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