Jack the Ripper

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A women screams from inside the building that Ciel, Sebastian, and Alice were guarding.

"I thought we had this place covered?!" Ciel exclaims. "Alice go save the woman " He commands.

Alice nods her head and enters the building.

She gasps as she sees Grell the butler of Madame Rose standing there with a bloody knife, next to the lady they were supposed to protect.

Ciel's appeared shocked and fell back against Sebastian's chest. The butler holds firmly onto his shoulders, "Sebastian..."

"I knew it." mumbled the demon as he shot a glare in Grell's direction.

"Marvellous! ...I was getting sick of this cheap disguise!" the shinigami shouted and combed his hair a scarlet red. "I've been waiting for this for so long, Sebas-chan~! A~ahh~!"

"A−Alice..." Madame Red stuttered as she appears from the shadow, a sick smile plastered on her face, "Don't think ill of me, dear... they deserved it," she pulled out a knife, "we'll have to kill you now."

Ciel gritted his teeth, "Sebastian!"

Madame Red stabs Alice's heart. Alice gasps and falls forward to Madame Red.

She pats Alice's hair. "My dear Alice, you're lost without the Red queen like me to guide you."

Ciel couldn't believe Alice was dead, but still couldn't believe what Madame Red did to the women.

"Why did you do it?" He asked her. "Madame Red."

She sets Alice on the ground and lifts up the knife to him. "Those women didn't want their child. They wanted to kill them. They deserved to die, I can't have anymore children!

Sebastian tries to protect Ciel, but Grell was in his way.

"Play with me, Sebas~chan~!" Grell takes out his Death Scythe and attacks Sebastian.

Madame Red brings up her knife above Ciel's head. "You shouldn't have been born!" She yells and brings down the knife.

No one notices Alice wake up and take the damage for Ciel. Everyone was surprised, even Sebastian.

"I don't follow orders from the Red queen, I follow the rabbit in wonder. No one bothers the Mad hatter who holds games, except me!" Alice exclaims, she got stabbed in the heart again and was pushed away.

"Out of my way!" Madame Red brings up the knife again on Ciel. Alice wasn't fast enough to protect Ciel.

Ciel shut his eyes tight and prayed Sebastian would save him.

The demon shoved the Shinigami away ―to which the latter moaned “ah~!” and fell flat on the face―, trying to save his master’s life.

Nonetheless, Grell pulled him back and thrust his weapon into the butler’s shoulder, almost hacking his arm in the process.

“Why don’t you love me, Sebas-chan~~!?” The maddened redhead inquired, twirling the chainsaw around as more blood sprayed from the injury.

“My lord! …―Alice!” Sebastian yells.

“Ahh~! They matter no more~! It’s just you, me, and our fiery passion!” Grell laughs ready for another attack.

“Sebas―ngh!” the boy gripped his aunt’s wrist, the tip of the sharp blade beginning to graze his left cheek.

Tears started dripping onto his skin from above, “They deserved it… t―they… Ciel, Alice… you were my family… and Robin…”

The demon took advantage of the little pause and shoved the female away. “Don’t kill her!” Came Ciel's plead.

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