Damage Doll

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I thought this music would be good for Alice's theme~! :3


Robin, Ciel, and Sebastian walk down on a street. Robin sighs. "No luck and Alice went missing to." Alice falls off a roof with blood flowing out of her right shoulder and Sebastian catches her on time. He holds her bridal style and sees that she fainted. Robin looks worridly, checking Alice's wounds.

"They're deep! We need to take her to the closest clinic!" she yells.

Ciel thinks for a few seconds and snaps his fingers. "I know a place."

* * * *

"Why'd you give me a live body and not a dead body, earl?" Undertaker asks.

As the Undertaker tilted his head to one side in confusion, Ciel sighed.

"Ask no more questions." he barked, "This servant of mine is different, and I need some information from you for that matter."

Sebastian stared at the unconscious demon girl longingly, before snapping his head back towards the retired Shinigami, "Don't be so rude, Earl." the grey-haired male replied with a grin, "I'll have a favor in exchange, then."

Robin was worried about Ciel's decision although she tried her best not to pay attention to their conversation.

The smell of blood and embalming fluid was turning her stomach upside down, "You don't want to touch that," warned the Undertaker, smirking awkwardly towards the female, to which Robin rose her hands before her to show she's harmless.

"Why won't you tell me how these ladies died, doctor?"

Ciel grumbled to himself. "Leave her alone, it's me you have to talk to." he replied, glancing at the demon laying in Sebastian's embrace.

A few hours later after the explaining of Alice's injuries, they all went back to their homes. Sebastian helps Ciel ready for bed while Robin returned back to her place to study more on the case. Sebatian blows out tithe candles of the earl's room and walks out with a candle lit to lead him to Alice's room. He opens the door to find Alice awake.

She looks at Sebastian. "What happened to me and how did I get into this nightgown?" Alice asks.

"You were assaulted by our criminal, I suppose." he replied nonchalantly as he removed his dress jacket.

"Undertaker tended to your wounds, so you don't have to worry about it anymore," he added, "and it was me who clad you in that beautiful garment. It looks good on you, dare I say." the butler smirked.

Alice glares down at her blankets. "I swear if I see that red head guy again, i'm going to kill him." She throws the pillow at the window.

Sebastian smirks. "Did the guy hurt your pride?"

Alice frowns, and attempts to throw the other pillow at him. He doges.

"You know, you're deeper into debt now," he replied with his casual smirk as his eyes gleamed red with mischievousness. "Red head guy, you say? Could you describe him to me later?"

Alice smirks and touches his cheek. "Only with a price that you can pay."

Sebastian smirks and kisses her gently. Alice kissed back and they both did *lemon* that fateful night. (a/n:Lol :3)

The next morning Sebastian wakes up and turns to the sleeping cat demon. She takes in slow breaths in her deep sleep.

Sebastian chuckles and pats her soft velvet hair. He gets up to change and wake up the young earl for their trip to the city.

A few minutes later Alice wakes up and sees that Sebastian has left. She changes into some boy clothes and walk out to meet Finny.

"Have you seen Master Ciel and Sebastian?" She asks him.

Finny points outside. "They're getting ready to leave to the city."

Alice glares at he carraige that was getting ready for them. She thanks Finny and runs outside to meet Sebastian getting Ciel into the carriage. "Hey! Don''t leave without me!"

Ciel looks worried and rushes Sebastian to get ready to ride off. Sebastian gets into the carriage, but Alice jumps in the carriage in time. She smiles to both of them durring the ride over to the city.

Ciel sweatdrops. "Why did you come along?"

"Because, I have to follow you to make sure you don't get hurt." Alice responds.

A few hours later they make it to the house that Ciel owns in the city. When they open the door they see Lau looking into a pot and Madame Red throwing items on the ground. "Why isn't there any tea here?" She complains.

Ciel facepalms. "Why are you here?" He asks angerly.

Madame Red sees them, and hugs Alice stroking her hair. "I missed you Alice dear! I should thank you for helping look for clothes for me taht one time!"

"Oi!" The dark-haired Earl protested, "I just asked you something!"

Angelina spared the little boy a glance, "Mm? Don't be so grumpy, Ciel!" she chastised her nephew lovingly, "Can't I cuddle with my favourite girl?"

He sighed, "...women."

Sebastian hid a smirk, 'If only bocchan knew.'

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