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We begin with our fairy tale

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Sebastian was standing by Ciel’s side as the twelve year old Earl was pondering his quotidian issues. He was tapping his delicate fingers against the wooden bureau whilst occupying his usual seat. He rose his gaze to lock eyes with the butler.

“What have we got planned for today?” the British nobleman asked on a flat tone.

“Jack the Ripper struck again, My Lord.” Answered Sebastian with his characteristic smile.

These words were enough for the Earl to shot up, “Hand me a newspaper, Sebastian.”

“Yes, My Lord.” The demon conformed, handing him a neat copy of the latest newsprint publication.

He skimmed through the paper, quietly. Rubbishes, scandals and showings were dominating the ocean of letters whilst the large, bold titles were nearly scratching his brain with their poorly formulated ideas and the abuse of space. “Where’s my tea?” he commented, gawking at the low-grade paper and its black symbols.

“Oh, I told a servant she could bring it over instead, My Lord.” The butler smirked upon shadowing the servant’s identity.

Regardless, Ciel knew who he was talking about. He answered with a nod and continued skimming through the article he had currently laid eyes on.

Meanwhile Robin was pulling her coat tighter around herself while the carriage was casually advancing through the mud and the fallen wooden branches. She could hear the heavy raindrops as they poured on the old roof along with the cabman’s shouts. She sighed, glancing over at the bag to her side, which contained a can of asthma medicine.

Ciel has forgot to send somebody take his medication so she brought them along herself. She was planning on visiting the young Earl anyway, and a stubborn precipitation wasn’t about to stop her. She smiled to herself and leaned her back against the brown leather.

Meanwhile a small white cat passes by Robin's carriage. It sits in front of her path and meows. Trying to tell something. The horseman curses. "Damn cat move out of the way!"

Robin twitched, feeling the carriage somehow stomping heavily. She almost got pulled back onto the seat but managed to approach the window and take a look outside.

The cab man pulled on the harness, causing the horses to neigh loudly and force stop.

“Good boy, Adagio. You too Hans.” The cab man sighed, glaring at the cat.

Robin stepped out of the carriage, smiling to the cab man before walking over to the cat as softly as she could. She bent over and petted it gingerly. “That was dangerous, you know.” She told the cat.

The cat had a small note tied on it's paw. Robin untied it and reads the letter. "Ello govna, Alice Faloria is at Phantomhive household holding another prank."

Robin smiles and holds up the cat. "Thank you dear cat for the message." She sets the cat away from the road. Robin walks back to the carriage.

The trip to the Phantomhive manor didn't last too long.

By the time Robin arrived, the Earl was having lunch. He offered her the opportunity to join but she refused him solemnly, saying she's had lunch earlier that day.

“I won’t force you either way.” The young Earl commented. Robin noted his mature way of speaking and the smooth tone. He was no more a child suffering from asthma.

“You’re indeed very generous, but I cannot.” The female told him with a hidden smile.

“Do sit down, the least.” The butler implied, pulling a chair for her, “Lady Robin.”

Once the doctor seated, Ciel wiped his mouth with a clean napkin. “Sebastian, have you seen Alice by any chance?”

Eyes the colour of the rubies arose, “I’m afraid I didn’t, my Lord.”

Robin hid her smiling lips away from view.

As Ciel takes a sip of his tea, the three servants ran into the dinning room yelling gibberish. "What is that you three want, can't you see that I don't understand through all that gibberish." Ciel said.

"Everything that we did, didn't go to ruins!" the three servants said at the same time. Robin gave them a curious look. "Isn't everything supposed to go alright?"

Ciel sighs. "Not with these three, Sebastian please find Alice."

Before Sebastian could answer, a scream of joy rings through the room as a short girl with velvet mess hair and blue eyes rides on a food cart. She jumps and lands on the dinner table. The girl smiles at Robin. "Hi ya Robin! Love my entrance?"

The woman blinked in bemusement before smiling widely.

"Impressive," she commented, "You're always full of surprises!"

Sebastian on the other side, didn't find her entrance entertaining whatsoever.

"Alice, would you mind getting off the table?" the demon butler mumbled, furrowing his eyebrows together. Ciel looked rather startled for the moment, before he managed to calm down his heartbeat.

He didn't comment, though.

"Please," added Sebastian. "We're awaiting guests."

Robin tilted her head sideways, watching the two. Did she see sparkles spraying out of their eyes, or was it her imagination?

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