Caught at Last or Not?

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This chapter I dedicated is the one who drew the drawing! Thank you so much! It means allot to me that someone like you, loves the book to draw a picture of Alice!

If there's any other fans that can draw more pics for this Fan Fic, I would put your drawing in the next chapter and dedicate the chapter to you!

ON WITH THE STORY~! I do not own Black Butler, but I bought their manga and DVD sets for 2 seasons! :3


Alice walks down the dark streets until she finally saw the colorful lights and tents.

Doll walks towards her. "You shoud've been 'er Blaze! A gent from the crowd got his head bit from Betty!" She said as they both walk to the medical tent.

Betty reminded Alice about the promise she made with the cat family, to bring them with her when she leaves. Doll says her goodbyes when they reach the entrance of the tent.

Alice ties a black laced blindfold and walks in.

"There's nary a scratch on you..." Doc says sweatdrops. Alice walks in and stands next to him, giving Sebastian an emotional look.

Sebastian fake smiles. "It was just a play bite."

Alice pats Doc's arm and whispers. "Tell Beast to train Betty again, it seems she lose 'er touch." He nods, as she moves away. She walks over to Joker and dagger, but Sebastian grabs her arm to stop her. Making Her trip and fall on his lap.

"Who must you be, my lady?" He asks sneaking his hand up her thigh.

Alice gulps, but brings herself back together. "Blaze."

"Come 'er Blaze." Joker points next to him. Alice nods and stands up to walk over to him.

"Doc, there seems to be something wrong with my leg...?!" Beast says walking into the tent, until she realizes that Sebastian was in there to.

"Sis!" Dagger yells with joy.

"You!" She growls in anger.

Dagger smiles and kneels down. "I 'aving some problems with my leg to, goossshh it must be f-" Beast stomps past him. "Huh?" Dagger turns around.

"You're the one that must up my show!" Beast yells and points at Sebastian.

"Don't yell at a spectator!" Doc yells, folding his arms. "You should re-train Betty again."

Alice smirks. Beast glares at her. "You again, Blaze you and your trickery," She lifts up her whip.

"Should end!" Beast brings her whip down, but Alice let the whip wrap around her arm until the whip's grip was gone.

Doc pushes the wheels of his wheelchair towards her. "Blaze, let me see your arm!"

Alice turns to Joker. He nods, she then proceeds Doc to look at it.

Sebastian stares at her wondering why she needed permission from Joker? Doc shakes his head. He turns around to grab a bondage for the injury.

"You won't be dancing for the next show. What a shame." He wraps it around Alice's right arm.

Doc pats it after he was done wrapping. "Just go easy on it."

Alice nods.

Doc then looks at Beast. "Okay let's look at that leg!"


Back at the warehouse, HIka is pacing, trying to contain her frustration. "What the Hell am I suppose to do to keep my nose out of this case?!" she mutters, gritting her teeth.

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