Hear the Racketeer's Secrete

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"Didn't you already learn your lesson?" Alice then takes out a ticket to Italy. "I was finding my friend for this ticket and then I sensed you. I didn't want you to get hurt, but you used force to challenge me."

Hika felt bad a little for not knowing, but then shakes her head. "Then did you lie to Sebastian?"

Alice sighs in frustration. "If I told him the truth he would torture me until I tell him the demon's name." he shredders at the thought. Hika laughs a little. "We got off the wrong side, didn't we?"

Alice shakes her head. "No, I still hate to know a half breed is that perverted butler's pet."

Hika sweat drops. "Or not..."

Alice laughs and hooks her arm with Hika without her noticing. "I was kidding~! I'm one hell of a joker and prankster!"

Hika laughs also and ties her ribbon to cover her ears. They both walk back talking about how annoying Sebastian was. Hika then remembers why Alice needed the ticket to Italy. "Alice, why do you need that ticket for?"

Alice stops in her tracks and sighs sadly. "Let's just say I want to visit my home back there."

Hika's eyes lit up. "Was your house nice? Was it next to a beautiful ocean?"

Alice touches her left shoulder blade. "Yeah, a memory that died. I need to show you something that no one has seen. Even Sebastian doesn't know."

She tears  a little part of her shirt to show her back to Hika. Her eyes glowed bright blue to red while an image slowly appears on her back, it was a yellow demon mark(Claude's Demon mark). Hika looks at it not amazed. "So a demon contracted with you?"

Alice shakes her head. She then takes her right black glove off and compares it to her back. It finally got Hika's attention. "Y-You mated with a demon and it's not Sebastian?!"

"Wah! No its a half mate mark!" Alice panics. She grabs Hika's shoulders. "So, don't tell him or else I will kill you! And we know I am more of capable to do it. So you better not think you're better than me."

Hika sighs, ignoring the insult. This girl was asking for help, and she could tell she was serious. "Is what you were trying to hide?" She asked.

She realized she hadn't seen Undertaker since the encounter in the woods. She had a feeling that this was not a good thing. "We need to go back..." She muttered turning to look at the forest they just got out of. She knew she shouldn't worry, he could take care of himself, but she cared for him, even if he didn't feel the same. She never wanted to lose him, even if they never became anything more than companions.

Alice nods. They both walk down the small path in the forest and then reaches the mansion. Hika sighs and Alice catches it. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"Oh! Um nothing..." She replies.

Alice nudges her side. "Come on tell me, I told you mine now tell me your problem!" She smiles.

Hika frowns, "Undertaker... He's the only other person I depend on besides my father... He's always taken care of me, but I... I want something more. He's much older than me, and I have responsibilities to Sebastian... But those aren't what keeps me away from him." She turns away from her, ashamed by the curse she was born with.

Alice sighs. "We both have burdens ridding on our shoulders."

They finally reach the mansion, but before Hika left with her father. She and Alice promised to visit sometime later on.

Sebastian holds Alice face and glares at her. "I had to get information from the Undertaker. Are you ready for your pleasure punishment?"

Hika glares at Sebastian, "Knock it off. I already found out what she was up to. She was just playing her little pranks on the common folks, harmless pranks."

She rolled her eyes, putting on a show to make Sebastian assume they still despise each other.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Undertaker enter the room. A smile played at the corners of her mouth at the sight of him, but he seemed preoccupied by something written in the book he was carrying.

"What?" She questions him aloud.

"I need to speak with you," He replies, curling his fingers as he walks out, beckoning her to follow. She shoots a confused expression to Alice, and is responded to with a shrug. She follows him out of the room, into the garden.

He stops, his frown still present. "Why did you just tell a lie, my dear?" he closed the book he was carrying, allowing her to see the cover, where her name was written in curly cursive letters.


Sebastian wraps his arm around her waist. "Why do you need to go to Italy?"

Alice glares at him, but sighs. "To visit my old home."

*Meanwhile, in the garden*

"What are you doing with my records?!" Hika raised her voice, surprising him.

She never yelled at him, even when she was upset, she never had. "I was making sure you were safe. I read the whole scene in the forest. You lied for her, she's affiliating herself with another demon, and you lied for her. That's dangerous, Hika, you're getting yourself stuck in a web that it will be difficult to get out of..." he watched her, waiting for her to object, but she had no words to argue. She snatched her life records out of his hands.

"Why don't you just cheat some more then? Maybe scribble something about rainbows and butterflies with that special pen of yours?" she stormed back into the house, leaving him standing amongst the flowers, hurt by her words.


As Hika entered the foyer, where everyone was waiting, she grabbed her father by the wrist. "We're leaving," she said coldly.

"But darling, we've only just arrived!" He countered, but she was already dragging him towards the door.

Alice watches as they leave and give Sebastian a questioned look. "I wonder what happened."

Sebastian ignores her and takes her upstairs to Ciel's studies. "Ciel has been waiting for you." He opens the doors and Ciel sets down a letter.

"Good, you're here." He lifts up a flier that said 'Noah's Ark Circus'. "Join this circus for a month, an inform me their secretes with you're cat."

Alice plops herself in a chair in front of Ciel's desk. She puts her feet on his desk. "What's so important about that Circus anyway?"

"That's an order." Ciel says and glares at her.

Alice sighs. "Where's the Circus that it is at now?"

Sebastian takes out a piece of paper handing it to her. She nods her head, looking over at it.

"It is two cities before here. Wouldn't that be a little bit too far for me to catch it?" Alice asks with a smirk.

"You have the power to overcome that, don't you dear Alice?" Sebastian whispers in her ear.

Alice jumps back with a blush. "FINE! I'LL GO!"

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