Demon Chess Part 2

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As Ciel an Alois gives out their commands, Alice dodges Hika's attacks each time they come across each other with their pieces. Same as Sebastian and Claude.

Then in the end, there was one chess piece left that declared the winner.

Ciel's king piece.

Alois sighs in boredom. "Fine~, you're servants are free now." He waves his hand lazily.

Ciel stands up with a triumphant smile.

"But, you still have to do a duel with me if you don't want me to bother you again." Alois smiles wickedly.

"Fine." Ciel walks down a couple of steps and stops. "It is your death wish."


Ciel looks up at Robin.

"Be careful." Robin continued.

He nods and walks down to meet Alois. They both grabbed swords from a basket of them near a door next the sides of the huge chess board layout, and walked inside.

"Does he really expect us to stay here?" Hika asks Sebastian.

"If he wants to finish it," His eyes glowed crimson red. "Then let him."

Alice had a bad feeling about what would happen if Ciel survived the duel. She looks over at Hannah. Hannah let our a small evil chuckle.

'Weird,' Alice thought and glared at Hannah. 'What is she planing?'

A scream echoed throughout the whole mansion. Claud and Sebastian both opened the doubled doors. Ciel had won the duel, his hand holding the sword that stabbed Alois.

"Claude..." Alois whispers in pain. "!"

But it was too late. Those were his last words.

Everyone was silent. Until Hannah laughed. Her laugh continued and it was a frightful evil laugh. "Now I'll mix in Ciel'a and Alois's souls together!" Hannah grabbed Ciel before Sebastian could.

"Not on my watch!" Alice round house kicks Hannah.

Hannah looses her grip for a second, until she got herself together and dashes towards the exit. But before she left, she yelled. "Meet at Hell's gate if you want his soul!"

Claude follows in pursuit. Sebastian follows at the same speed as Claude. Leaving the rest thinking.

"What are we supposed to do?" Robin asked.

Alice taps her chin and snaps at an idea. She points at Hika. "Take Robin back home, I'll take care of Hannah...."

"Yeah right!" Hika yells. "We're going no matter what! Besides, I'll kick Hannah'a butt for you instead!"

"You'll need the medical attention." Robin says.

"Also," Undertaker takes out Ciel's life record and a pink quil pen with a pink bookmark. "You'll need me for getting Ciel back.

Alice nods at all of them. She looks down at Sage.

"What can you do?" Alice asks.

"Fight?" Sage asked being not sure.

Alice sighs, but shrugs. "We're screwed.."

They all sweat drop at her response.

She turns around and laughs. "I'm just messing with you!"

"Stop that! We shouldn't hang around for your jokes!" Hika yells.

Alice nods. "You're right. We need to go to Hell's gate...."

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