Circus Ark, Come Dear Shinigami

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Night was settling over London. Hika immediately went to her room, leaving her father to wonder why she forced him to leave. She sat in her chair, beside the window, Undertaker's words ringing in her head.

"A web you can't get out of..."

She snarled, knowing he was right, and threw her hand-crafted Italian vase across the room. It shattered, crumbling to the floor in a million shards of glass. Grell knocked on her door, but she did not get up to let him in. She hoped he'd go away to leave her to her thoughts.

"Darling? What was that ear-splitting noise? Are you throwing things again?" He opened the door a crack, but not enough for her to aim anything at him.

"Go away," she growled softly, not wanting to take out her anger on him.

"Hikallia..." He opened the door and looked at her, worry in his eyes. Genuine emotion was something he only showed her, whether it was true sadness or true adoration, it let her know he cared. "You've been like this since we left the Phantomhive Manor. What happened between you and Undertaker?"

His name struck a cord. She hurled a hand-mirror in his direction, missing his head by a few inches.

"Hika! You almost hit me!" Grell accused, but deep down he knew her aim was well enough for her to have hit him if she wanted to.

"I'm tired father..." she was suddenly fatigued. She was exhausted from being so upset. "Father... Tomorrow, can we do something... Fun?" She tested the word, having rarely used it.

Grell's eyes brightened. "You want to spend time with me? Doing something...Fun?" He smiled, unable to hide how pleased he was.

"Yes... I want to take a break from the rest of the world..." she smiled slightly, seeing how happy this made him.

"Of course, my dear. The circus will be a few towns over this week! It may be a bit of a trip, but we could go if you want to!" he grinned, pulling a flyer from his back pocket, like a little boy asking for something in a newspaper advertisement.

"Noah's Ark Circus," she read aloud. The colorful poster made her smile more. She had never been to a circus.

"That's the plan then," she said, watching him practically leap in joy.


Later that night, while Hika lay awake in her bed, her thoughts trailed off to Alice. The girl could be in danger if she continued this affair. She knew it was her duty to tell Sebastian if he asked, so she could only pray to whoever was willing to listen that he would allow her time away. But, what if when she came back from her vacation, it was too late?

With a sigh, she rolled over, dismissing the idea.

Sebastian wouldn't let anything happen to her, would he?

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