Maid's Manners

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"You can't, dear," Robin answered with a smile whilst raising an eyebrow to Sebastian's comeback, "As you can see Sebastian won't let you go and I have a lot of boring stuff to do," she waved her hands a bit to simulate paper-shuffling.

"Besides you're needed here–", her utterance came to a halt once she turned around and almost bumped into the Indian servant; his eyes stood in contrast against the tanned skin as well as the hair did. "O–oh I'm s–sorry..." she stuttered.

Alice smirks. "Robin has an interest at last..." She said to herself.

Sebastian gives her a confused look. "What do you mean dear Alice?"

Alice glares at him and points at him. "It's just 'Alice'! Not 'Dear Alice', you got that?!"

Sebasian's smirk widened if possible, "My, please soothe yourself, Alice," the butler hummed, reaching a hand to stroke some strands of her hair.

Ciel's eyebrows both rose in surprise, "Hmm,"

Robin was too busy smiling at the foreigner, "Why don't you stay with us for a while, Miss Peoples?", inquired Soma with a grin.

"Hey, lovebirds," the prince teased the two servants, "I'm starving, could you please bring me something to eat?"

Alice then points at Soma. "Listen Prince Soma, I'm not lovebirds with HIM." She points at Sebastian.

Alice walks away while stomping over to the kitchen to get some drinks.

Soma blinks, and so do the others, except to Sebastian.

The demon growls lightly, face twisting into a frown, "I beg you to excuse her outburst," he mumbled.

The Indian prince laughs, "I like her!"

Robin shakes her head, now back into the real world, "Alice,..." she smiles to herself.

Alice takes out some cups and puts water in it. Looking at her reflection she sighs. "Men, they are just plain dumb sometimes!"

She hears someone knocking and right away she knew who it was. Alice jumps out of the window with a cup of water. The door opens and Sebastian looks around. He sees the window open with the curtains blowing. Sebastian shakes his head troublesomely. "Alice, why do you always have to use the windows."

Alice runs to the front doors of the mansion. Taking in some breaths from her escape. "He can't possibly be at the front door now!" she opens the door and frowns.

Sebastian stood in front of her with his fake smile. "So, how was your trip?" he asked.

Alice glares at him, but fake smiles back. "Fine thank you very much! Now, I'll take this drink to Prince Soma."

As she walks past Sebastian, he slams his hand against the wall next to her.

"You are now a servant of the Phantomhive house, Alice," he hums almost hoarsely; "and you behaviour stands out."

Alice tries to slip past him but he's apparently blocking her way, "If you continue behaving that way I assure you'll be tamed. And I won't be soft on you." the demon's eyes glaze with that particular tint of savaging promises. The corners of his lips rose into his usual fake smile, "I truly hope there will be no need for you to go through such an ordeal." he told her.

* * *

Robin didn't follow their small row but chose to converse with the stranger; "It's a pleasure meeting you, Miss Robin." the Indian male replies with a smile, – noticing her beauty could be compared to that of a wallflower.

"Okay, I will stay." Robin replied, "If it's alright with you, of course,"

"It is." replied Ciel.

* * *

Alice sighs. "Fine, you win this match of the argument. Now let me pass!"

Sebastian tilts her head up to his. "What's the magic word?"

"Please?" Alice blushes as she looks away.

Sebastian leaned closer to her, and he strangely smelt of old books and freshly baked bread. With that false smile plastered on his face, he looked... demonic.

"Good kitty," he told her moving away, "I'll go bring over some food for our guest."

Alice sticks out her tongue, but puts it back as Sebastian turns around. He turns back to go back to the kitchen to bring some food to the guests.

Alice frowns as she plays with her dress. 'Stupid crow demon! Cats are supposed to be superior to them!' She thought.

"All well, I'll bring the water to the guests." Alice said while skipping to the dinner room. She opens the doors and places the cups of water next to Soma and Agni.

"There you go~!" Alice smiles.

"Thank you," the prince nodded, gripping a cup. "Nothing interesting, you say?" Soma asked the Earl.

He's been given a shrug for a response."There've been no crimes lately, so no,"

"Parties, balls, contests!" the prince exclaimed, "That is fun! Murders are no fun...". Soma looked like he couldn't understand Ciel's way of thinking. He didn't.

Ciel looked at Alice, tilting his head, "Where's Sebastian?"

"He's getting the food ready for dinner." Alice grabs part of her dress. "May I please get out of this dress?"

Ciel and Robin gives her a blank look of shock. Alice tilts her head to the side. "What's wrong?"

"Since when have you been polite?" Ciel asked.

Robin nods her head in agreement.

Alice points at Ciel. "Don't worry I won't be polite again, so the world doesn't come to an end!"

Ciel face palmed, "Dear God," he whispered under his breath. '...Sebastian better have an explanation for her outbursts.' the Earl thought, rubbing his forehead with his skinny fingers, "Fine," he exhaled, "Now I can relax." a teasing smile adorned his face.

Robin sat down on a couch, and so did the Indian servant. He apparently forgot about his beloved prince. Soma did notice but said nothing, he merely smiled instead.

"I see, you are the Prince's servant?" Robin asks.

"Yes," Agni replied, a light tint of red brushing his tanned cheeks.

Robin giggled, "Must be an honour,"

"It is, it really is. I believe helping people must be just as honorable, miss Peoples," Agni replies again.

She blushed, and mumbled an "Oh."

'So adorable!' Alice thought as she sits down on a couch across from them. Soma smiles and sits next to her.

"So, how did you became Ciel's maid?" Soma asked.

Alice smiles and puts up a finger. "By saving him from the mafia! And for ACCIDENTALLY breaking all of his vases!"

Ciel hid a smile underneath his façade, for both Alice's explanation and the two taking interest in each other.

Robin smiled, "I've always wondered where did all the vases go,"

"Now she has to make up for it," concluded the young Earl, also taking a seat.

Soma laughed hearing such an explanation, "But aren't you even, then?" he commented.

"Perhaps there are also other reasons," smiled Agni.

"Agni is right there are other reasons." Alice smiles.

Soma pats her shoulder. "It's okay if you don't want to talk about it!" he said with a smile.

"Oh, it's not tragic it's just I needed a place to eat and sleep!" Alice responds.

Robin laughs a little. "And a certain someone to."

Alice blushed at Robin's comment. "Yeah right..."

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