Past Fears

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Alice hops onto the chair. "Master Ciel why are we here for?" she asks. "None that involves with you." Ciel stated and straitens his coat. "We have to go to the undertaker for some more info that we missed. Which means you stay here, Alice." Alice frowns at Ciel's command but stay. She curls up more in her chair and a dream starts forming in her mind.


Alice walks down the paths of Italy, enjoying the smell of pasta and flowers. Her loose white dress felt great with the wind. As she walks over to the fish shop, she looks down to see a hungry grey kitten. Alice smiles and pats the kitten's head.

"Don't worry dear kitty, I'll go buy some juicy fish for you!" Alice yells with joy. She walks in the fish store and asks the owner for a small fish. The store owner gives her the bag of fish and in return she gives him some coins.

Alice walks out with a bag, but the kitten lies down dead with spiders swarming around it. She drops the bag in shock. A man with black hair slick to the side, with hazel eyes and wearing glasses, kneels down near the cat. He looks up at her. "Was this your cat?"

Alice glares at him. "No but you killed him with your stupid spiders!"

The man stands up and walks away. This made Alice mad that she threw the bag of fish at his head. "Demon, you killed a beautiful life!"

A spider that was on the bag bites her hand. She holds her hand in pain and faints. The man runs over to catch her in his arms. "You're also a demon."

He carries her to his small house at the end of the road near the ocean. The man sets her down on the coach. A few hours later Alice wakes up with a towel on her head.

"You're awake, I'm sorry that I let one of my spiders bite you." The same man who killed the kitten. Alice smiles over to him. "It's okay now since you took care of it."

She tilts her head back. "I didn't catch your name."

"Claude Faustus, you miss?" He asks and takes the towel and put it in a hot bowl. Alice felt her face burn up. "U-um Alice Faloria, why do I feel like my head is burning?"

Claude puts the towel on her head. "Someone turned you into a demon recently, you have to bear through some slumber for a while."

Alice grabs his hand and stare in his eyes. "Promise me that'll you'll stay here with me..." She starts crying and hugs Claude. "I don't want to be alone...please..."

Claude moves her away from him and wipes away her tears. He never seen a demon cry before. "It will be alright I promise that I will stay with you."

Alice smiles and Claude couldn't resist to kiss her. He sees her close her eyes and fall in deep slumber. "Alice Faloria, your mine and no one elses."

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