Fire Dancer Joins the Circus

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Alice quickly puts on peasant clothes as cover to her servant look.

She sighs as she walks to the front door. Looking back at the mansion, she takes her last look before she goes to Noah's Ark Circus.

Alice smiles and she opens the door.

"ALICE!" The three servants yell and hug her.  

Alice smiles. "Don't worry guys I'm only going to stay there for two months."

Finny clings more onto her, not knowing if he was using his super strength. "But why do you have to go to Robin's place for that long?"  

"She needs some help." Alice cringed back from lying to him and she hated it. It was Ciel's order. She gets finny off of her and waves goodbye to them. "I'll see you guys later."  

*a week later*

Alice starts dancing around with flames around her in front of the entrance of the circus. People stared at her in awe. Alice's bells on her clothes made a certain rythem and that made the children in the crowd smiling with joy. Her firing red hair and crystal blue eyes made her seem like she was a fairy from a fairy tale. She jumps while she slams down the flames and it dissapears from the dirt.

Cheers fo joy and claps of appraiction filled the air.

Alice bows and looks up to see a man with orange hair dressed up in a circus outfit, but his right arm was a skelleton arm. His skeleton hand reached out to her.

"Ye have tallent!" He smiles down at her. Alice nods and reaches out her gloved hand that Sebastian gave her.

"Thank you, but," She stands up straight and picks up her bag. "I must be going. I travel with no home to go to."

The man looks at her giht hand. "What happen to yor hand?"

"My parents abused me and burned my right hand as their last punishment." Alice lies. of course not wanting her demon mark shown in public.

The man takes hers right hand. "With your talent you can have a home and food to eat, at Noah's Ark Circus." He smiles down at her. "My name's Joker."

"Alice Faloria," Alice smiles with tears of joy. "And thank you."

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