Punishments are to be Made

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Soma blinks, now absorbed into the conversation, "You mean a love interest?" he elbowed her lightly. "That's cute."

Robin nodded, snickering, "Not that I'll unravel his identity!" she defended herself, assuring Alice of that fact.

"Aww," whined Soma, "Is that Sebastian?"

"It's not Sebastian! I'm here because Ciel promised he'll help me find my brother!" Alice holds back some tears.

Soma pats her head for comfort. "It's okay, Ciel will find your brother! He helped me once so I bet he'll help you!"

The doors of the dinner room opens. Sebastian comes in placing the food onto the table.

The silence was stabbing each and every individual inside the room.
Ciel sighed, then glanced up at Sebastian; however, it was Soma who broke the silence, "Thanks Sebastian! I was really hungry." he said whilst gawking at the types of food displayed.

Sebastian arranged the cutlery, smilling in a rather phony manner.
"Of course, Prince. Enjoy your meal," he told him, walking up to Ciel's side. He stood straight, looking down at Alice.

Servants weren't allowed to sit down. Robin was the one fidgeting; she felt guilty.

"Alice, remember what I said earlier?" Sebastian asked forwwardly.

Alice tilts her head in questioning. "I did nothing wrong. I'm just sitting! Right Robin?" she looks at Robin with clueless look.

Robin merely smiled nervously, "Err," she replied.

"Servants aren't allowed to sit down when there's someone of higher rank in the room," whispered Mei-Rin as she pretended to be dusting off the table next to Alice's seat. All eyes turned to Alice, piercing her with their stares.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, well...I didn't get the 'How to be a servant' book!" Alice wines. She sighs and stands up and bows. "This won't happen again, Ciel."

Ciel smirks and leans on his arm. "Good, later on Sebastian will punish you for bieing rude and stupid for not knowing how to be a proper servant."

Alice faceplants to the floor. Robin looks worried at her. "Alice are you okay?" she asked.

Alice grumbles in pain. "Why me...."

Robin's eyebrows furrowed together as she smiled; she found her reaction to be quite amusing.

"I'll be looking forward to it," replied Sebastian with a cocky smile to which Ciel snickered, "You're enjoying this aren't you," he whispered to the butler, holding his hand to the side of his mouth.

"Of course not, My Lord." Sebastian replied.

"Alright," the Earl mumbled, "I hope you're enjoying your meal, Prince Soma."

"Mm'! It'z quith 'iliciouz!" he grumbled, his mouth full.

"Prince, please do not speak with our mouth full..." stuttered Agni, walking to his side.

Soma gulped, "I'm sorry," he looked at Agni, "You should eat too, Agni!"

Robin stood, walking over to Alice. She bent down, "Here," the doctor helped her up while the Indian servant gazed on the two females.

Robin dusted off Alice's dress with a smile.

"R-Robin...*hic* Why can't I stay with you instead of being a servant?" Alice holds in some tears.

Robin smiles and wipes away the tears away. "Don't be like that! I know the Alice I know wouldn't cry!" she said.

Alice points at Sebastian. "Not when he's going to punish me!" Alice exclaims.

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