Welcome to Noah's Ark Circus

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On the far side of the grounds, Grell and Hika stroll down the busy carnival-like streets. His eyes never leave their widened position, seeing how incredible it all was.

Surprisingly, Hika was having the same response to the fun atmosphere. A few street performers caught her eyes, but what really got her attention was the strong scent of exotic animals. It was a smell she had never experienced, but deep down, instinct told her there were other large cats here. Lions, maybe tigers.... 

She spotted a sign listing the next show time. It was in five minutes. 

"We better hurry and get to the tent, father!" Hika laughed. She genuinely laughed. 

"Of course, my dear," He grinned and looped his arm through her's, leading her to the big-top. Their jaws dropped in awe of the beautiful colors inside the tent. Bright reds and yellows... Glitter and confetti covered the ground. Hika's white dress stood out amongst the vibrant rainbow of beauty, but Grell blended in, dressed in his usual red. 

Grell held out a top-hat to her, "Here, darling, a keep-sake to remember for this day." 

She smiled and took it, placing it atop her head, covering the ribbon that covered her ears. He also gave her a black vest, a way to accessorize her dress so that it matched the hat. She slipped it on as they took their seats on the front row and waited for the show to begin. 


Joker smiles back and leads her towards a tent. "Beast! Please give Alice some clothes for the performance!"

A woman with black short curly hair, wearing a revealing black outfit, holding a whip. "Why did you let such a total stranger wear my clothes!"

"Because, Beast. Alice 'er is going to perform first tonight with her fire dancing!" Joker smiles and waves as he leaves before Beast could respond.

She sighs and throws her first outfit when they started the circus to Alice. "Wear this!" 


"Aw, honey! Look at you, you look so cute!" Grell cooed over her attire. She looked like she one of the performers almost.

Grell removed some of his silver jewelry and put it on her, decorating her with the glittering metal. She grinned and turned to face the ring as a man with flaming orange hair appeared, wearing colorful clothing, and an intricate makeup design."Hello! Ladies, and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, to the show of a lifetime! Noah's Ark Circus!" Hika's eyes watched closely, soaking in the loveliness of his voice. 

"I'm Joker, and we have a special treat today!" Joker yells and points at the entrance. "I introduce, Blaze our fire dancer!"

Alice notices the two reapers in the audience. She puts a black laced blindfold to make things more interesting and walks out bowing.

Hika and Grell gasps, thinking why Alice was there. Alice takes out two red silk clothes and snaps her fingers to enlighten the flames. She throws them up high and does summersaults.

The flaming red clothes flows down onto her hands. A small jingled sound ringed through the silenced air as she twirls around in circles. Beast on the outer ring smiles and pushes two fire rings onto the stage. Alice smiles and jumps into the rings not getting caught on fire. She lands and bows. It was only a short performance. 

Hika stares at her, her mouth rudely agape. She leaned over to her father, still watching the demon.

"Is that...?" She whispered.

"Alice..." Grell finished.

Hika stood, but Grell dragged her back down.

"Don't draw a crowd, we'll catch her after the show..."

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