Dove's Ball

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Alice wakes up from her dream. "Claude, I might have broken that promise."

She hears the carriage comming close and she knew who it was. Alice waves over to the group when they returned.

Everyone settles down into a seat.

"We will attend Viscount Druitt's ball, he's one of the suspects of being jack the ripper." Sebastian answered while holding a very long list.

Ciel sighs in frustration. "It all comes down to the last night. We need a disguise."

Madame Red and Alice smiles wide of a idea.

Late that night, Ciel was in a pink frilly dress while Alice was wearing the same but a lighter blue color, but she didn't wear a hat to cover her right eye like Ciel. Ciel an Alice are acting as Madame Red's nieces. Sebastian as the tutor of them. Grelle as her butler as usual and Lau as her lover.

"Alice I want you to find the Viscount, then contact me." Ciel orders.

Alice smiles. "Why of course dear sister!" she giggles at Ciel's reaction. Sebastian chuckles at his reaction also.

Alice walks away from them and strides along the outside of the dancing. 'I hate dresses!' she screams on the inside.

Someone places a white rose on her hair. She turns around and in her surprise it was Viscount Druitt. "What a beautiful dove, are waiting for the message of love or tragedy?" he asks.

Alice fake smiles and curtsy. "Why I came for the you, Viscount Druitt."

* * *

"Where's Alice?" Ciel barked quietly as Sebastian pulled him along onto the dancefloor. He was also concerned about the girl's whereabouts, and by conjuring his keen sense of sight he quickly spotted her. His lungs surpressed a demonic growl from being elicited as he glared at the human flirting with her.

"The Count!" whispered Ciel, "Hurry up, Sebastian."

The butler nodded but got interrupted by a squeal, "Ahh! That's such a beautiful dress!" the annoying voice was much too familiar, "Lizzy! What's she doing here?! She'll ruin everything." the disguised Earl's voice seemed to be trembling for a while, "This way," the graceful demon instructed, waltzing away from the blonde girl.

* * *

Robin chose to sit down and watch the others dance, because she had no partner.

Angelina was sharing the latest news with her other girlfriends, laughing loudly every few seconds. "I couldn't believe it myself! Haha, and then they ran away together, leaving the Duke dumbfounded! Yes, ...yes, he didn't give up and continued paying them unexpected visits. And that's another one, listen up!, it happened one afternoon when the Duke..."

She shook her head lightly and turned her head away from the party of tweets. "Is that Alice?..." she questioned, narrowing her eyes.

* * *

Alice notices Ciel and Sebastian dancing their way over to her. She tries to cover her laughter, but her lips were concealed by the Count.

Alice moves away. "Viscount Druitt, that was rather forward." she said trying not to kill him for it.

"Why a dove of pure is brighter than a full moon. Your red hair reminds me of roses gliding on a ocean of your deep delightful eyes. Your-" Sebastian slightly pushes Ciel in front of the Count.

"Sorry, I'm a clutz at dancing." Ciel says in his best girly voice.

Sebastian takes Alice back on the dance floor doing the waltz. "I thought you would contact master Ciel if you found him?" he whispers.

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