Alice and The Demon, Part 1

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A/N: I thank xXBluerose9Xx for the cover of this story~! I'll dedicate you next chapter cuz my dear friend helped me with this and they deserve some credit for this chapter~! :3

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Alice laughs as she runs from the servants down the halls of the Phantomhive mansion. She runs up to a curtain and holds the rope. The three servants finally caught up to her loosing their breaths.

"A-Alice! Mister Sebastian will punish you if you keep pulling pranks!" Mei-Rin yells. Finny and Bard lay on the ground catching their breaths.

Alice smiles. "Alright, I'll stop."

"FINALLY!" The three servants yell with relief.

"After, this last one!" Alice pulls down the curtain and a bag of flour falls on the three servants. Their clothes and hair had flour all over them. Alice laughs and prances around them. "Joy to the world~! The pranks will never die!"


She stops and turns to see Ciel and Sebastian covered in flour also. "YOU ARE TO SHOVE THE SNOW OFF THE ROAD IN FRONT OF THE MANSION AS PUNISHMENT!" Ciel yells. The other three servants dashed for their lives depend on it, going back to their daily chores.

"Eh?!" Alice whines. "All by myself? Can Sebastian help?"

"No." Ciel stated and walks away, Sebastian following behind. Alice grabs his arm before he could go any further. "Sebastian, help me with the snow shoveling!"

"Alice, as orders. Ciel permitted me not to help you in any way possible." Sebastian moves his arm away from her. She glares at him and closes her eyes. "You heartless demon!"

Sebastian throws a snow shovel out of no where at Alice. "I suggest you start working."

She catches it with no sweat. "You never show kindness, I will never fall for you."

"Demons don't show emotions." Sebastian chuckles and walks away.

Alice sticks her tongue out at him, but walks down the other side of the hall. She reaches the front door and as she opens it she almost drops the shovel. The snow looked like it was towering her. Alice sighs and looks back inside, making sure that no one was looking. She takes off her right black glove revealing her demon mark. It was similar to Sebastian's but the mark is red and has roses in the star. It glows as does her eyes turn red.

She runs in unhuman speed and strength, shoving all the snow on the road near the mansion to the nearby forest. Alice sighs after only an two hours had passed. She drops the shovel on the pure white snow and walks into the forest.

"It's so nice and peaceful, I could sleep here forever." Alice walks further into the forest, until she reaches a clearing. She lays down on the snow and looks up at the stars. "I wish there was a nice world with no regrets, sadness, hate, or that awful word."

Alice closes her eyes slowly. "Loveless."

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The sun shines over the red headed girl in her cream dress. She looks up as the wind blows the flower tree's petals over her head.


Alice turns and sees her younger brother Ciel running over to her. "What is it? Did Aunt Red bully you with your cuteness?" She jokes.

Ciel sits next to her under the flower tree, glaring at her. "No, she's out of town remember?"

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