What is yer act Black and Smile?

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The next day, Sebastian and Ciel in peasant clothes walks to Noah's Ark Circus.

Alice watches them from the rooftops. "More nusaince." She sighs.

* * * * * *

Hika and Undertaker sat in his shop, referencing every cinematic record of every demon they could find. Hika had sent Grell home with Sage, giving them time to rest.

"This one hasn't been anywhere near London in the last thousand years!" Hika complained, chunking yet another book across the room.

"Please... Be careful with those... The library already has it in for me... Heh heh, with all my fines and whatnot..." Taker muttered, flipping through the pages of another life story book.

Hika picked up one from the bottom of the stack, knocking over a few that they had already looked through. She read the title aloud, "Claude Faustus..." She opened it and skimmed the first few pages, finding nothing of interest in his past life. When she neared the end a few words jumped out at her.





"This is it!" Hika shouted, jumping up from her chair, dropping her bowl of tea.

"Oh my, I just brewed that..." Taker sighed, smirking lightly.

Hika contnues reading the record book, lookinlg for signs of his whereabouts. "Says here, he's back in London," she tells Undertaker, who is cleaning up her tea spill. He did not complain about the inconvenience, he knew how reckless and impulsive she was. In fact, it was one of his favorite qualities that the girl expressed.

"Should we inform Sebastian?" Hika wondered aloud.

Undertaker chuckled, "I do believe he would like an update... But maybe avoid the cat demon...?" Undertaker suggested.

Hika agreed that Alice would probably not take kindly to them discussing her secret lover. They left the shop and Hika sent Sebastian a few thoughts, "We are coming, keep us covered."

Seconds later, she was ansered by his voice in her head, "Concider it done." She could practically hear him smirking.

Undertaker and Hika stood in an alley around the corner from the circus grounds. She could sense Sebastian nearby and knew she had no choice but to go inside. She could probably stay hidden if she kept a low profile, but...

"Taker, your going to have to stay here," she said. The expression he wore showed how hurt he was.

"Hika... its not safe," he warned.

"I'll be fine," she said,kissing him gently on the cheek. She turned to leave but he grabbed her wrist, pulling her into his arms.

Hika was surprised at this, but even more startled by the kiss he placed on her lips.

"Be careful," he whispered before releasing her. She took off into the fair rounds, glancing back to see his smirk once more.


Alice smirks at the trails given to Ciel.

Sebastian on the other hand helps him by using little pebbles to help Ciel pass.

Sebastian's eyes linger on Alice here and then, but he slightly glares at Joker. Because Joker was eyeing Alice's body. "What would a human care for a demon?" He thought.

The trails were over and Sebastian and Ciel got given names.

Black and Smile, Alice bursts out laughing at Ciel's name while Joker pats her back to calm down. "Ye know the child, Blaze?"

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