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Silent Night and Hit Midnight

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(A/N: Crap! i just noticed that i went to third person to first! That wont happen again! it's still third!)

Alice rubs her eyes and sees that Claude left her in the stairway of the mansion she's in. She curses. How is she going to explain to Sebastian that she has to leave at midnight?!

She quickly runs up the hidden stairs and ran out of the mansion. Alice continues to run towards the Phantomhive mansion in five minutes.

She sees Hika and Undertacker nearby the mansion. Just great. Alice stops in front of them. "Long time no see."

"Oh come on!" Hika growls. "Can't you just let us help just once?!"

Alice tilts her head to the side. "Hmm," she then smiles. "Sure!"

Hika stares at her weirdly. "Are you sure?"

"Yep," Alice points near the gardens. "I need help setting up a sanctuary for some friends of mine."

"You mean the lions and the tigers at the circus?" Sage asks and stands in from of Hika.

Alice smiles down at him. "Why yes, I did promise them."

"How nice of you." Hika smiles at the thought of Alice doing something right for once.

Alice hooks her arm on Hika's shoulders. "I need to talk to you alone about my 'half mate' problem."

"It's alright Alice, I already know." Undertaker smiles creepily. "As does Sebastian."

"Wait how did he?" Alice slowly glares at Hika. "Did you tell him?!"

"I was ordered to!" Hika talks back.

Alice sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose. "You couldn't stop, it's okay."

She then hugs Hika. "I'm sorry, but I'll be leaving tonight at midnight."

"That's in three hours!" Hika pushes Alice away. "How are you going to tell Sebastian?!"

"I'll tell him when it's time and I'll pick him as a mate." Alice smiles sadly. "I can't believe I had to find out that I was in love with him from you."

"Well, your welcome." Hika grabs Alice's shoulder. "If it's that then you can stay with him!"

Alice shakes her head. "I wish it was that easy."

She then pats Hika's shoulder. "Until then, let's build that sanctuary, shall we?"

*An hour later*

Alice paints some beautiful lettering on the sign on top. 'House of the Cat Family' was written on it. She smiles and jumps down from her ladder. "There," Alice smiles at her work. "This will be the perfect house for them."

Hika flies down using her wings and lands next to her. "Was it alright to leave Bart, Finny, and Mey-Rin to handle the crew of the circus?" She asks Alice.

Alice nods and poofs her cat ears out. A faint noise of two horses were coming. She smirks. "Well, Master Ciel and Sebastian are back..." She hears a faint female voice in the mansion's kitchen. "And dear Beast is the last one left..."

Hika twitches her ears to capture what Alice was hearing. "You're right."

"Wouldn't you like to talk to Sebastian, Alice?" Undertacker asks as he hangs upside down from the ladder on the first step on top. Hika and Sage try to bring him down, but they didn't notice Alice disappeared.

Alice takes off her glove covering her demonic mark and as it glows her speed goes faster. She reaches the Noah's Ark Circus and walks in like nothing had happened.


She gulps and stops in her tracks. Slowly turning around she meets a low level performer. Alice smiles at him. "May I help you?"

"Where'd did Joker and the rest go?! They're suppose to be here by now! Not to mention you're performing first!" The performer continued on and on that Alice didn't care.

He was wasting her precious time. She moves her finger to make him lean forward. The performer did so.

"Night night~!" Alice grabs his head and slams it onto her knee. He falls to the ground knocked out. "Well, that was a waste of my time..." She growls.

Alice quickly walks over to the cages of the tigers and lions and other cat family. She breaks the locks in a second and all of them walked out. Leo walked out and bowed his head to her. 'Thank you, you are truly the ruler of cats.'

Alice waves her hands in embarrassment. "Please, Alice will just do."

'Mistress Faloria will do and no more.' Leo replies. 'Now where's the 'safe haven' you were talking about?'

Alice smiles. "Phantomhive will take care of you and the others as guest. I promise you that."

She leads the out of the circus and straight towards Phantomhive mansion. When they reached there, she showed them the house that she made for them. After they were settled down to sleep peacefully,

Alice walks out and meets face to face with Sebastian. The one demon she is mated to.

"I heard from my Hika, that you've chosen me." Sebastian smirks as he lifts Alice's chin up to meet her beautiful face towards his.

She frowns. "I bet you ordered her to tell you,"

Sebastian frowns. "But I don't care since she is telling the truth." Alice continues.

He smiles with joy. "Then it's official, you're my mate."

Sebastian leans down and kisses Alice's lips. At first Alice didn't want to believe it but she kissed back.

And thus the two demons passionately kissed under the moonlight, which gave the most calm silent night. But it didn't stay like that for a while.

Alice hears the grandfather clock chime for a long time inside the manor from outside. It was midnight.

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