Alice and The Demon Part 2

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Ciel holds his legs close to his chest as he sits under the same flower tree where he and Alice always sit under at. He closes his eyes thinking back of what Alice would always say about the flower tree a few years ago.

'Alice smiles at Ciel as they run with joy and notice some people talking near a big white flower tree.

"We should take this down! It never changes with the seasons!"

"It must be a demon tree!"

"NO!" Alice runs up to the tree spreading her arms. "Don't kill it!"

Ciel imitates the same without thinking the outcome.

The three grown ups glare at them. "You're just kids!"

"Every living has one life!" Alice exclaims. "No matter what it is!"

Her outcome reached the grown ups hearts and walk away. Alice turns to the tree with a smile. "Thank goodness."

"Alice, why did you save the tree?" Ciel asks as he sits down next to the spoken tree.

Alice sits next to him and looks up at it. "It's beautiful, and it's been here since we lived here. Who would ever want to kill it?"

She smiles at Ciel and messes his hair up with her fingers. "It's our promise tree, like that tree in my book. We'll always be together as long as this stands and never dies."

Ciel smirks at the sweet memory of them. Then the demon's image pop in his head. He growls in frustration.

"What's wrong Ciel, where's Alice?"

He looks up to see Claude. Maybe he could kill the demon to release Alice from his evil grasps. "Claude," Ciel stands up. "You have to believe me, a demon has Alice as a prisoner!"

Claude chuckles and pats Ciel's head, while shaking his head in disbelief. "Like I believe your childish lies, now tell me where Alice is."

Ciel glares up at him. "I'm not lying! She got captured by a demon!"

"Okay," Claude leans down to his level. "Then where is she? In a cave? A huge castle?"

He leans back up sneering at the kid. "Yeah right. I'll find her myself."

'Wait a minute,' Claude thinks. 'If I take Ciel to the Undertaker to check if he's alright. Which he isn't then everyone will think he's been possessed. Alice will surely come back to save him and to make it all go away. All she has to do is agree to marry me.'

"On second thought, I'll help find your sister, if you stay home for a while and I'll make sure she gets home." Claude smiles at Ciel.

Ciel nods and runs back home, while Claude chuckles at his brilliant plan.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Alice wakes up to see that she was still in the castle. She thought everything was back to normal. She wishes she could cry, but her eyes are puffy from crying in the dungeon that one night.

"Finally you're awake!" said a dresser.

"Ahhhhhh!" Alice screams and hide underneath the blankets.

Finny takes the blanket off. "Don't be afraid that's Nina the dresser. She's here to help you dress for breakfast with the demon."

"Are you sure Demon will be alright with that?" Alice asks making the demon's name Demon to make things easier.

Nina nods and opens her doors revealing dresses in different colors. "Which one dear?"

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