The Prince Guest

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"What guest? The guest I see is my dear friend Robin!" Alice smiles sweetly and prances around on the table. She then picks up a piece of bread and takes a bite. Alice's face turned slightly green. She spits the bread out and throws it at Sebastian. But he ducks and the bread hits Bard's face.

"That bread had mold in it. What did I expect from a Phantomhive." Alice shrugs.

Sebastian inspects the bread. "This is fresh bake from the oven, it must be a bug that landed on it that you ate." He then thumbs up at her. "Good job for killing the bug."

Alice groans in disgust as she jumps off the table.

“It’s alright, Alice,” Robin said, “Some eastern nations do consume bugs anyway.” Robin told her with a sly smile.

“Speaking of eastern nations,..” Ciel commenced.

“Finish your meal, bocchan,” the butler interfered, and then displayed an emotionless expression to the cat demon.

He smiled nonetheless, “Our guest of today is part of the royalty.” He replied, reaching a gloved hand to scratch the demon behind the ear, “And you better be a good kitty” the male whispered to her.

Robin remained quiet, ‘Royalty?’ she thought.

Alice blushes and quickly moves Senastian's hand away from her. "Like I'll behave, if it is the queen then I will."

Robin gave Alice a questioning look. "Why is only the queen acceptable and not the other royals?"

Alice sighs and walks out of the room. She didn't want to answer a hard question that involved with her past a little. Walking to the garden always makes Alice calm. 'Dear brother, where are you?' she thought looking up at the dark sky.

Both Sebastian and Ciel remained silent whilst Robin blinked in bemusement.

“Is she feeling alright?” inquired Robin with a gleam of worry in her eyes.

Sipping from his tea, the Earl sighed, “She will be,”

The demon agreed with a bob of his head.

Meanwhile, the blond gardener darted closer from behind a bush of roses, staring at the cat demon. A brush of pink colour caressed his pale cheeks as he cleared his throat, “Um, hello Alice,” Finnian whispered.

"Finny, is that you?" Alice turns around not noticing some tears dripping down from her eyes.

Finnian blushes and looks in his pockets for something. Alice tilts her head to the side in confusion. She gasps as Finnian wipes her face with a dirty cloth. They didn't want to talk about sad stuff so they talked about pretty flowers and what types would fit for who.

"Don't you think Mister Sebastian would look good with Black roses?" Finny asked. Alice taps her chin in thought. "Maybe..."

"Shouldn't you be doing your chores, Finnian?" Finnian looks back scared at the voice. The demon butler does his evil calm smile.

Finnian salutes. "Y-Yes Mister Sebastian!" he then runs to the other garden in front of the mansion.

Alice pouts. "You always ruin the fun."

He raised an eyebrow, "You are a servant, Alice," the male countered her firmly. "And therefore you can't afford to neglect your duty."

Sebastian looked down at her, shifting his position so he would appear more serious, "I am truly sorry for ruining the 'fun'," he smiled slyly.

In the meantime, Ciel commenced conversing with the doctor about all sorts of things, "What's with Sebastian and Alice?" asked Robin, eyebrows furrowing together.

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