Chapter 30- Restart

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The holidays ended quickly and ended up with Flora and Adrian dating while Hestia and Lucian were being a bit more 'complicated.' In other words V was becoming a bit of a fifth wheel but she was used to it by now with the twins always sticking together and the boys sticking together.

Now V was making her way to the great hall for breakfast whilst she slowly started to regain the classy stride that she once possessed quite proudly, with her hair plaited back in a French braid and her pointy shoes clicking on the floor. But instead of glaring at everyone she hated as she used to, she had more of an open look in her eyes and as she passed the Gryffindor table she sent a friendly wave over to Harry who waved back quite casually despite the looks of confusion they were receiving.

She sat down with her friends who alike everyone else were groggy for the start of term.

"Stop looking so pretty and energetic." Hestia said as V grabbed some food. V then looked over to her and flashed her the brightest grin she could muster. "Ew. What do we have first anyway?" Hestia asked.

"Defence against the dark arts." She replied with her smile faltering a bit.

She thought she'd get used to having such an extreme teacher but she hadn't yet. In fact all she did was feel more uncomfortable around him and ended up staying as uninvolved in the class as possible, relearning everything in her spare time. As they walked to the class, V began to mentally prepare herself for the lesson expecting something horrendous as usual. All her friends were silent too, also not too fond of Professor Moody.

Being the first to arrive at the class, they quickly sat at the back as everyone else let out exhausted sighs to see the best sets were already taken. The class was full of nervous murmurs but went silent when Professor Moody arrived.

"Good morning class, today we will be doing a practical for the stunning spell." He said walking to the front of the class and sitting gruffly on his desk.

"Two sickles on Lucian being the first to the hospital wing." Flora whispered to V who struggled to contain a loud snort. Everyone looked over to her and she pretended to cough.

When everyone looked away she leaned over to Flora and whispered, "You're on."

"So who can tell me the incantation to the stunning spell?" Professor Moody asked but no one dared to put their hands up, no one except Cedric Diggory who awkwardly raised his hand when no one else did.

"Mr Diggory?" He asked.

"That would be Stupefy." He replied.

"Good, maybe you could do a duel example for the class because you're already familiar with the spell."


"So who would be a good match for our Triwizard champion?" Professor Moody asked then getting up and scanning the class. He walked between the aisles of desks with his stump clicking against the wooden floor. Everyone waited in suspense but not V as she already knew what was going to happen.

It happened every lesson. It just so happened that Professor Moody had the most faith in V to do the more experienced tasks. "I think..." His eyes then fell on V, "Miss Black will do. Right, get up the both of you."

With a sigh V got up, clutching onto her wand while Cedric gave her a nervous glance. V looked back to Flora and held up two fingers mouthing, "Two sickles was it?"

"Now I don't like the whole safety precautions thing with laying cushions down because when you're out there facing evil, you don't have time to 'lay cushions down'. So it all comes down to how prepared and skilled you are. Constant Vigilance!" He boomed. "Right? Ready?" He asked.

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