Chapter 49- The Kindness of Strangers

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V gagged in her mouth, only just managing to stop herself from feeling sick. She felt strange and tingly, like she was fading away. But she wasn't. She was still sitting in a pile of letters holding the one that revealed all truth to her.

"Is mistress feeling alright?" Kreacher asked.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Kreacher is sworn to secrecy." Kreacher replied but then gave V a very knowing look. "On order of master Regulus." Kreacher added making it very clear what he was implying.

She looked up feeling stuck and looked at a Slytherin quidditch banner hanging from Regulus' wall feeling very stupid. She was nothing like Sirius, a Gryffindor prankster with an outgoing personality. How could she not have worked this out? How could he have kept this from her? What did it matter anyway? Her mother was dead, so was her actual father. She was of age too, so it wasn't like she needed a father. Suddenly all this anger and confusion built up in her and she gathered up every letter, placed them in the tin and ran to her room where she put the tin.

What Barty Crouch Jr said to her that year his soul was drained out of him made sense now. "YOUR FATHER WAS A DEATHEATER, HE WAS A MURDERER! HE WAS-"

"Regulus Black." She said out loud. This felt so unreal to her, yet it made so much sense at the same time.

She had so many questions, so much anger as well. She needed to get it all out.

She then ran downstairs, with her mind working at a hundred kilometers per second. She ran into the kitchen and abruptly stopped catching her breath with a horrified expression on her face. No one noticed her as everyone was laughing at something that someone had just said. She spent a few seconds looking around at everyone feeling as though she didn't know them anymore, especially Sirius.

She needed to talk to him. Desperately.

"Sirius." She said uncertainly but no one heard. "Sirius!" She said this time more confidently and a lot more loudly. Everyone quietened down and looked over at her and Sirius turned around with a charming smile. "What are you calling me that for, love?" He asked.

V's eye's softened at this. For a second, she thought she was talking to her father, complaining about some small teenage problem. He looked like her father, and he sounded like her father, but he wasn't. And that was what she reminded herself as her eyes hardened again.

"I'm sorry. Uncle Sirius." V said softly, but loud enough for him to hear.

Sirius' smile disappeared in the most sudden fashion imaginable. The atmosphere around the room changed to a confused and tense one.

Sirius then abruptly got up and muttered shakily, "Let's go to the drawing room."

Sirius walked brusquely to the drawing room with V following close behind and when they reached the room, Sirius closed the door looking very unnerved.

"No one in that room knows and they are probably very confused by this." Sirius stressed.

"And that's what you're thinking about. You're not my father! Do you have any idea how I feel right now!" V strained, feeling like she was a shook-up bottle of coke, ready to explode.

"And you're not meant to know that. Who told you this, it wasn't Kreacher was it? I'm going to kill that house elf if it was!" Sirius said, viciously kicking an arm chair and burying his head in his hands.

"That elf didn't have to say anything, I just needed to go into that damn bedroom and read those damn letters." V replied airily.

"YOU WEREN'T MEANT TO GO IN THERE!" Sirius yelled at her.

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