Chapter 4- Puns

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A week after the first day back, V found herself walking through the castle in the early hours of the morning. More early than usual as she had quite a rough night of sleep. All sorts of rumors had been spreading through the castle about her, some providing sympathy, others suggesting that she may be a serial killer. But regardless, none of them shone light onto her situation.

There were some kids alike the daring Ravenclaw kid on the train who would be straight up about what they thought about her. Though she would merely acknowledge them and pretended to not hear most of them, the things people would say bounced around in her head.

She would never admit it or show any negative emotion but she could already feel herself sink into the dark hole of depression.

It was still dark out by the time she had reached the courtyard. She didn't have the energy or the will to reach the greenhouses that day as she knew she'd raise suspicion with Professor Sprout. She sat on a bench, hidden amongst vines and leaned against a stone column waiting for the sun to rise to indicate the new day.

Eventually, after dwelling in her thoughts she saw some light peak over the horizon. She smiled weakly before raking her mind of all things she was grateful for.

She leaned her head against the vine covered column and began in a quiet voice.

"I'm grateful for my bed, it's really comfy. I'm also grateful for my Professors, except Snape, never been too fond of him."

She let a good amount of time pass as she said what she was grateful for as she had dug very deep thinking of all the nice things in the world. She had closed her eyes, just letting the sun's ray's beam down on her.

"I'm grateful for the sky as it hasn't yet been corroded with grey clouds. I guess I'm grateful for color, color's an underrated concept."

"Color." A voice said causing her eyes to immediately fly open. "That is indeed an underrated concept."

V was most certainly surprised to find one of the Weasley twins standing in front of where she sat. He looked very neutral considering he had just overheard her talking to herself. She looked around making sure the other twin wasn't anywhere around as when there was a full set, there was bound to be trouble. But there was no one.

He sat down on the bench next to him as she looked at him strangely.

"What, are you confused for whether I'm Fred or George? Because I'm-"

"George." She cut in.

"Wow." George said nodding his head, "Not even our mother can tell us a part."

"Well my closest friends are twins so I've learnt how to pick out minor details." V replied still tiredly leaning against the column.

"You look very tired." George stated blandly.

"Yea, well I was busy devising a murder plan last night." She replied blandly while George grinned at her. He had never met a girl who would joke about a rumor about themselves. Especially rumors like the ones that were going around about V.

"Why do people call you V?" George randomly asked.

"Because Vindemiatrix is a long name." V replied bluntly.

"But why not Mia?" He asked.

V shrugged at the question never really putting much though in what people called her.

"You're smart, why don't you tell me?"

"Now that's just hippo-critical." George said with a wide grin on his face.

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