Chapter 20- The New Students

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V managed to distract herself from all of her growing problems by sticking her nose in books and really understanding what the school meant by Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test. She seemed to be coping better than everyone else though as she was taking about double the amount of subjects as everyone else and still hadn't had a panic attack. 

So V sat in the library with her Ostridge feather quill violently flicking about as she began to write an essay about giant wars for history of magic. She was known to be a quick efficient worker and could quite easily get two or three essays done in a day if she put her mind to it. She found herself lost for a couple dates for the giant wars and went down the aisle to go find them, but as she stormed down the aisle with a determined look on her face she banged right into someone.

"Oh no!" Hermione gasped as she dropped a pile of books in her arms.

V was about to help her pick up all her books but when she saw who she had banged into, she stiffened her back and glared down at her as she scrambled for her books. There was no way that she would dare help anyone who associated themselves with Harry.

She swerved out of the way and continued to get more books on giant wars.

"Wait!" Hermione then said as V walked away but she carried on walking. "Wait!" She yelled again, this time getting up and grabbing onto V's shoulder.

"What do you want?" V finally said turning around and glaring into Hermione's eyes.

"Can we please talk?" Hermione asked.

"Uh, not really." V said coldly.

"No, really, we need to." Hermione stated and with a heavy sigh V agreed, knowing that she would probably get pestered further.

They both sat down on the table that V was working at with V still glaring at Hermione and Hermione looking highly uncomfortable with the situation.

"Well, uh." She began. "Harry, Ron and I were wondering why you have- er- seemed so angry towards us recently." She said causing V to quirk an eyebrow.

V took a moment before replying.

"Really, the only reason I may appear angry towards you and Ron is for being in the presence of Harry."

"Look, I don't know why you're so angry towards Harry-"

"You read that letter, and I can assure you that that wasn't the worst of it." V said cutting Hermione off. "I know I seem angry, constantly sneering at the lot of you but deep down I am really hurt." She then explained and her eyes suddenly softened and she looked as though she was about to cry.

Hermione suddenly felt guilty, it was definitely true that Sirius had spent more time trying to reach out to Harry than his own blood daughter who alike Harry had spent her whole life living like an orphan. V blinked away her tears but it was still very evident that her words were true about her hurting.

"I'm sorry." Hermione whispered, struggling to find words.

"Don't be, I've already survived so long without pity." V said suddenly going cold again. "And I really need to get studying now."

Hermione's eyes then trailed down to her book title, The Great Giant Wars.

"I read about that, definitely not as fascinating as the Goblin wars though." Hermione said lightly.

"Of course, giants aren't as intellectually developed as goblins so they couldn't get as far and deep as the goblins." V replied.

"Very true." She replied.

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