Chapter 31- The Second Task

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The word had spread quite quickly that V and George were dating and it was quit the gossip too. This was because there was no other Slytherin and Gryffindor couples in the school and there hadn't been for a couple of years now. It became an even bigger deal with them being on their house quidditch teams but not many people took notice of that as the quidditch tournament wasn't even on this year.

V was glad that people were starting to forget about her and George with the new task coming up. It was starting to become tiring having people point at them every time they were together. But overall she was very happy, making up with her father, Harry and now George. She finally didn't have anything that heavy weighing over her.

Now, V was walking down to the Black lake with Fred and George to go see the second task. Fred and George were catching V up on their latest prank ideas and some behind the scenes Gryffindor gossip, though they wouldn't call it gossip.

"Hold up, so you're going to swap one of Snape's potions around for a joke one?" V asked.

They then both nodded their heads at the same time saying, "Yup."

"Don't you think you could get expelled for that?"

"Well he didn't exactly expel you for flipping your lid at him-"George began.

"Then tipping your potentially dangerous potion over the floor-" Fred continued.

"And then leading a riot out of his class." George finished.

"Right, but that was different, I mean we all know Snape majorly triggered me, then Dumbledore who is reasonable and knew I generally wasn't like that put a stop to it before Snape could do anything."

"Please, we all know you didn't get expelled because he wanted to save the average grade of the school." George said rolling his eyes.

"Exactly my point, you guys would be screwed." V said struggling to contain her giggles.

"HEY!" The twins yelled at her.

"Don't be surprised if you find yourself floating in the middle of the Black lake tomorrow morning." George said.

"I'm only joking!" V exasperated.

"Well we're not." George said with his eyebrows quirked.

V then gave him a pout and his face softened. "Fine, I'm only joking." He said putting his arm round her shoulders. She snuggled her head into the crook of his neck and the next thing they heard was a gagging sound coming from Fred.

"Jealous Fred?" George asked.

"More like disgusted, besides I have a girlfriends." Fred replied.

"Yea, where is Angela?" V asked.

"I said I'd meet her down at the lake, in fact that might be her there. Well anything to get away from you love birds." Fred said before quickly running off.

When George and V got down to the Black lake they found a seat and waited for the task to begin. But that was when a concerned looking Ginny sat down next to them.

Ginny had been quite open with George dating V and that went with the rest of the Weasley's at Hogwarts. Ginny however was a lot more friendly with V despite not really being friends with her beforehand and that made V feel a bit more relieved. It felt quite weird for V to be suddenly shoved into a social circle full of bubbly Gryffindor's and people who didn't stare at other students like they were scum, but it was nice.

"Hello, Ginny-" George said but Ginny quickly cut in.

"Do you know where Harry, Ron or Hermione are?" She asked.

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