Chapter 45- The First Training

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The first thing V did when she woke up extra early on Monday morning was post the names of all those who had made it into the team on the Slytherin notice board. She had also put the time of their first training on the notice so that she wouldn't have to chase down everyone and let them know.

Following this, she went to the greenhouse so that she could be away from the crowd of people looking for their names. She found Professor Sprout gardening and V went over and sat on a bench.

"Good Morning Pomona." V greeted

"Good Morning V." She replied, "Good to see you on this fine morning."

It was a fairly clear Autumn morning, with the leaves the same colour as the sun rise. The Gryffindor and Hufflepuff colours littered the school ground but for once she didn't mind it. The thought of her own house was starting to make her uncomfortable, especially certain people.

Certain people which she couldn't afford to avoid.

"How were your trials?" Professor Sprout asked, but she immediately noticed the discomfort in V's eyes from the question. "Don't tell me you let the boys push you around." She then added sternly.

"I stood my ground." V said wearily, as she rubbed her tired eyes. "Doesn't stop them from stamping all over it though. But I guess I'm the final decision maker anyways so it doesn't matter who pushes me around because I already know who I want on the team."

Professor Sprout nodded her head understandably, reflecting upon what V had said. "Did you put any other girls on the team?"

"Lucy Lament." V replied.

"It's good to have another girl in a sport so dominated by boys. It will be good to have someone you can relate to."

Professor Sprouts words, echoed about her head all morning. She had received many looks of criticism that morning, but she didn't let it get to her. It wasn't like she could let everyone onto the team anyway.

After all her classes that day, she made her way to the library to do her study in solace. She sat in silence trying her very best to put all her focus into her homework, however something kept on distracting her. The little hole in the wall that she didn't really check kept on calling for her.

Every time she tried to shake the thought of George out of her head he just came right back, insulting all the members of her quidditch team. Finally, V couldn't take it anymore and abruptly stood up, and walked over to the spot in the library which she couldn't quite distract her mind from. When she knew no one was around, she pulled the stone out of the wall and out flailed a little note.

V put the stone back and found that it was a fairly simple note; forgive me?

"Do you?" George said from behind her.

She turned around, surprised by George's random appearance. V hadn't even comprehended the note fully in her own head let alone give George a straight answer. So, she decided for once in her life to purely follow her instincts.

She wrapped her arms around him, as tight as a python and buried her face into his chest.

"Of course I forgive you! just don't be a dick again, ok?"

"Ok." He replied and they remained in each other's embrace a little while longer.

"I don't want to keep us a secret anymore, V. I'm willing to beat down a thousand deatheaters for you and you know it."

"I know what you're willing to do, but that doesn't change what you can do. No one can beat down a thousand deatheaters, let alone three. All we have to do is last the year, after the year is over and we no longer need to go to Hogwarts we can take our own safety proportions and go into hiding or something. But we're in the open now and now is not the time for stupid actions." V replied, as she brushed a hand against his cheek.

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