Chapter 29- A Little Brother

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The yule ball was a disaster waiting to happen and V couldn't believe she hadn't seen it coming. She didn't know how to react, being so flustered by Ron, Harry and George so she panicked and ran outside. She paced around trying to take deep slow breathes and trying to clear her mind. 

She sat on the bench which George had comforted her on a while ago but he wasn't there this time. Eventually V went back to her dormitory way after the ball was over and flopped onto her bed, not bothered to even attempt to take her dress off. The next morning (well more like afternoon) she woke up with a massive headache feeling sore all over. She slid her dress of and groggily went to the bathroom for a long hot shower to drown out all her emotion. She also had a deep heart ache which she was unsure what it was caused by, maybe it was Harry, or the exhaustion from all the boys she danced with or it was most probably George. Trying to work out what was going on with her emotions was enough for her hung over mind but when she got back to her room it all became clear to her.

Her dress robe, which she had just thrown mindlessly onto the floor was now hanging neatly from her bed post, this no doubt being the work of the house elf as it looked as though it had been ironed and there was no note. The dress itself was like a symbol there to remind her. Her father had given her the heavenly dress out of peace and love and this seemed to remind her of Harry.

So V quickly brushed her hair and put on some clothes before running tirelessly around the castle looking for Harry. She checked the great hall as it was about lunch time and then the library and then the quidditch pitch despite it being covered in a thick layer of snow and then all the courtyards and then the owlery.

She was about to give up when she then unexpectedly found him walking up the path with Hermione which lead to the gamekeepers shack.

"Harry! Hermione?" V called out then running after them.

"V? Are you all right?" Hermione asked giving V a hug as she hugged her back.

"Oh I'm fine, just a bit buzzed right now." V replied.

V then turned to Harry who was standing awkwardly to their side. This was then followed by an awkward silence before V finally found her voice.

"Right, we need to talk." She then said to Harry who looked at her cautiously. "Don't worry, I don't want to attack you."

"Well I'll leave you two be." Hermione then said smiling at them both encouragingly before disappearing up the path.

There was another awkward silence as they gave Hermione time to disappear up the path and this time, it was Harry's turn to fill it in. "Are you Ok?" He asked as they slowly began to walk around the frost covered grounds.

V looked around at the calm day before answering it was quite lovely how calm it was with the only sounds being the soft crunch of snow. You could also hear in the distance a few girls playing quidditch as they let out the occasional cheer or squeal.

"I'll be soon." She replied with a voice full of serenity.

"You know, over the summer the Fred and George talked about you a lot, especially George. I never saw it but they saw something in you which I never got. I think I see it now."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be."

"I am." V stated simply. "I hated on you for far too long on way too deep of a level."

"You had your reasons, I know what it's like to want a family and you clearly really wanted your father." Harry replied thoughtfully.

"But that was no reason to hate on a kid like you." V replied feeling pained with herself. "This reminds me of a dream I had a while ago about my father, before we knew that we could trust him. I was standing in my grandparents' house, the grandparents on my mother's side and I was holding my mother's body and then my father appeared and he pointed at my mother." V then looked Harry in the eye. "Then my mother became yours. Then you were there."

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