Chapter 16- Midnight drive

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Like V expected, her summer was rolling out to become a dull one. She locked herself in her bleak room with her blinds half shut, reading her school text books, muggle newspapers and classic Muggle novels which she found abandoned or cheap on the night street. After the first couple days of doing this, she decided that being locked up didn't entirely help her confused mind and decided she needed something else.

She decided to get a muggles driver's license.

There were a few complications at first as she was a year too young for a licence, but she dealt with that by forging her identification with a copier quill that Flora and Hestia had gotten her for her fourteenth birthday. She also didn't have any money for it but Miss Atterberry offered to pay if she cooked dinner for the orphanage for the rest of the holidays, 5 nights a week. She also had quite a bit of money out from the last time she withdrew money from the Black family vault which was meant to last her three years of books and other supply's but it seemed that she had to get more money latter.

By the time that there was only 3 weeks left of the holidays, she had gotten her full license.

V had brought a second hand car, a Cadillac Allante that would have looked great if it hadn't been so worn out. The owners of the car confessed to her that they were rough drivers which explained why it had battered seats and one door painted a different color. The car was cherry red but had a black door as the drivers opened it just as a truck drove past, meaning they had to replace it. V didn't care though, she paid 100 pounds and got driving with glee.

Normally, V would drive to Hazel's Reserve which was a quiet reserve over looking a little stream at the edge of town. She went there to escape her cramped room full of junk and bad air to refresh her mind from the bad thoughts and lay down on the picnic table and gaze at the stars. This particular night, she couldn't stay for long though.

She left at dinner time, not eating anything that she had cooked at all and grabbed a bit of muggle money, going off without Miss Atterberry seeing.

When V pulled up at the reserve, she propped herself up onto the table and looked up at the sky. She felt a bit empty until she heard a rustle in her jean pocket. Her jeans were baggy and faded, second hand too, probably third hand but she didn't know.

V reached into her pocket to find what it was and to put her back into her terrible mood, she found that it was her father's letter. She never replied to it as she was unsure of how to reply to it without sounding sour but she often read over it. She decided that she was just over reacting and that Harry was and always has been in a vulnerable position.

She read the letter again.

Keep your head out of trouble.

These were the only words of comfort towards V but the fire of kindness was extinguished by the fact that he had signed off with his name. Perhaps he had just written Harry's letter and was used to the fact that he signed of as Sirius on his, V thought but she then realized that if he wrote Harry's letter first then he obviously favored Harry.

V's eyes then prickled with tears but she wasn't going to let herself cry, not over a letter. She knew that she was more resilient then that. Instead she decided it best not to dwell on negative things and found herself doing something rather savage. She began to rip the letter up into tiny bits and chuck them one by one into the flowing stream. She had just chucked the last bit when she noticed her father's name flowing about till it hit the water.

"Well that's behind me now." V said to herself before walking to her car and taking of the roof as it was a convertible, and began to drive away.

She was driving quite far from town today, hence why she left so early. She was driving to the burrow. The Weasley twins wanted her to come over but it was quite obvious that their mother didn't like the idea of an escaped mass murders daughter coming to their house so they were doing so in secret at night time.

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