Chapter 28- The Yule Ball

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V made her way down to the first floor girl's bathroom, with a pouch with all her things in it. V decided against carrying al her things in one bag knowing she'd just draw attention to herself so she decided to put an extendable charm on a cute white pouch with a sliver flowery pattern on it and put her gown, make up wand and much more in there.

V found Hermione already in the bathroom and thanked Merlin that she couldn't hear anyone crying their lungs out, only to realized she counted her blessings too soon as Myrtle suddenly swooped down in front of her screeching in an ungodly pitch. V suddenly felt a rush of coldness as Myrtle swooped through her.

"Of course I can't go to the ball! I'm dead!" Myrtle cried as V gave Hermione a deeply disturbed look.

V then noticed a beautiful dress hanging above the sink with layers of blue silk covering the dress. "What a beautiful dress!" V said excitedly, completely forgetting about Myrtle.

"Yes! So pretty!' Myrtle said pettily trying to claw at it but only to wisp right through it. Myrtle let out a cry of frustration before dowsing herself into a cubicle and disappearing with a splash.

"Right, sorry about that. Well at least she's gone now." Hermione said and V put her pouch on the sink next to Hermione.

"Yea, she's a lot more dramatic then I remembered." V replied. "Anyway, your dress robe is stunning, you're really going to sweep Viktor Krum with that!" V said grabbing Hermione's wrists and they both giggled excitedly.

"Well let me see your dress then!" Hermione demanded.

V then excitedly plunged her entire arm into her pouch looking through all her things till she felt the silvery fabric of her dress robe. She pulled it out and Hermione gasped at the glittering dress.

"It's stunning! You're going to just about sweep away every other boy wearing that."

"Well that's mildly the plan." V replied with a wink.

They both then did each other's nails and make up, V being a bit more eager than Hermione with that aspect, determined to make the both of them glow. V felt happy spending her time getting ready with Hermione. Hermione had a way of making V feel like the sixteen year old girl that she was rather then someone who had to act twice her age in order to survive. Time passed quickly too, and soon V was doing some finishing touches on Hermione's hair, as she pinned together the twist she had done.

"And done." V said as she put one last pin in place.

"That Sleek Easy stuff really does tame the most stubborn hair." Hermione said looking at herself in the mirror in awe.

"You look absolutely stunning." V said smiling brightly at the job she had done. V wasn't exactly a beauty guru but she was delicate and a perfectionist which made her ideal for the job.

"And you, you look unearthly to be honest, like an angel of something." Hermione replied and V took one last look in the mirror.

The dress was elegant, reaching the floor and making her look as though she was floating rather then walking. The two drapes on her shoulder could have almost been like wings making her really do seem like an angle. She didn't wear much make up except for some dark eye makeup and a subtle highlight on her cheeks. The only thing about the dress was that it revealed most of her back and on her back was the tattoo she got in the holidays when she went on a midnight drive with Fred and George. The tattoo was a small one of four simple stars but either way it was on display for everyone to see.

Hermione seemed surprised when she saw it and V was even more surprised as she had temporally forgotten about it, She hadn't even told Flora and Hestia about the tattoo so it was going to be interesting revealing it to the whole school.

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