Chapter 47- Snake Attack

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Despite today being V's last day at school, V was absolutely miserable. V had left many notes for George but he hadn't replied to a single one of them. She tried to explain that she had nothing to do with it and that she would have stopped everything beforehand if she did but still, no reply. Christmas was going to be hard if he kept on ignoring her.

In the end she was getting a bit angry at George, she couldn't help the fact that she was a Slytherin. She couldn't control the actions of all the Slytherins. If that were the case Slytherin would've been able to smash Gryffindor at the quidditch she thought.

V was going to make training especially hard for Draco but lately something felt very off about him. He looked paler then ever and his cocky demeanour had moulded into a more stressed one. V was unsure if it had to do with starting his owls or something, but something told her that was not the case. Especially with the kinds of people he was acquainted with.

V let out a dreary sigh as she walked by herself down an empty corridor, after her last class that day towards the library. No one else was doing homework as they were saving their homework for the holidays. But V didn't have the time for that.

V then felt the strange feeling of someone staring at the back of her head. V turned around and saw no one but still, she felt deeply uncomfortable and felt for her wand to make sure she was safe. V turned around again but still no one.

Then out of nowhere, someone suddenly latched their hands onto V's shoulder. V whipped out her wand and pointed right at the persons throat but upon seeing who it was, she lowered it again. It was Draco and he looked extremely stressed and jittery.

"What the hell are you doing?" V hissed at him.

Draco then anxiously looked up and down the hallway and then quickly grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her down the hall till they reached the boys bathroom and pulled her in it.

"I'm not meant to be in here..." V said about to make her way to the door but Draco's grip tightened.

"Please, no ones coming down this end of the school at this time, you have to hear me out." Draco pleaded and V sighed.

"What do you want?" V said crossing her arms with a peeved off look on her face.

Draco then pulled up the sleeve to his shirt showing her his forearm. Draco had the dark mark on his arm and suddenly V realised why he had been stressing out so much recently. V tried to say something but she couldn't find any words. Her gaze averted from his arm to his eyes which were bloodshot and staring right back at her.

"I didn't have a choice." Draco said with a trembling voice.

"I-I'm sorry Draco, I don't know how to help you." V said taking a step away from him and towards the door.

"I'm not asking for damn help V. I'm asking that if he asks you to join; join. He's not worth fighting." Draco said with a tear pouring out of the corner of his eye.

"He's already asked m-me Draco." V said. A tear also rolled out of her eye, except it wasn't just one, they kept on rolling down her cheek and she didn't know how to stop them.

"You have to say yes V, he'll torture you, he'll do terrible things to your head if you keep on hiding."

"Why me?" V whimpered. She didn't know why she was so distressed this time round, maybe it was a build up of things, or maybe it was her empathy for Draco.

Draco then suddenly hugged her and they buried their teary faces into each other's shoulders. Everyone always saw people like Draco as evil, cruel, and prejudice. But the truth was he had no choice, it was this or death. It was coming to the point where V had to make this choice, but thankfully for her there was a third option. Fighting. She knew she was capable of this, even if it meant risking her life.

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