Chapter 44- The Quidditch Trial

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V had woken up very early in the morning and no matter what, she couldn't quite go back to sleep. She wasn't exactly nervous, but she felt the importance of the day which was about to dawn on her and that seemed to be enough to keep her from her lacking sleep. Today was the day in which she fulfilled her first duty as a quidditch captain; today was the day of the trials. So instead of trying and failing to sleep in anymore she could, she got up and began to pace the common room while giving herself a pep talk about how she was a strong, respected woman who wouldn't let the swaying of a puny pubecsant boy get to her.

So after she paced around the common room for about the twentieth time, she decided to get some fresh air and made her way down to the green houses. Throughout the first hour of the morning, she spent her time recieving positive affirmations from Professor Sprout as she told V similar things to what V had been telling herself. 

Once V felt confident enough, she walked back to the castle and sat herself down for breakfast. She noticed quite a few stares going her direction, especially from those who put their names down for positions. 

Adrian, Lucian and Draco sat with her at breakfast, all of them telling her who the think would be suitable for each position. V was nodding along to them, pretending to listen but not really. She was trying very hard to clear herself from all biases. 

So after she finished her breakfast, she made her way down to the quidditch pitch holding her clipboard, broomstick and whistle while Lucian and Adrian helped carry the rest of the equipment down behind her. Draco was at her side talking about brooms for the new members.

"So my father will be providing the new members with the nimbus 2001 as he has done in the past. The brooms will be arriving on Tuesday so if we could decide the members by then, that would be excellent."

"Tell your father that I am thankful for his support." V said nodding her head Draco's direction.

"My father also says that we should strongly consider putting students with better families in, you know students with the right sort of family line and upbringing are more disciplined, talented and loyal to a solid house like Slytherin." He added.

V looked at him wondering how on earth he seemed to have forgotten that her mother was a half blood murdered by you know who and that she herself grew up in an orphanage. 

"Talent is what I'll consider first and foremost." V replied. "But I may consider those other things if need be." 

Draco didn't say anything after that, but that was probably because they had finally arrived at the quidditch pitch. V wrote down all the different warm ups on a chalk baord when they got down while she told Lucian to grab some spare school brooms and to lay them out. 

After half an hour from their arrival, everyone who put their names down slowly started to turn up and in the end their were about thirty Slytherins. That didn't include all the people who came to watch.

"Right everyone, after I do a roll call I want you all to do the warm ups and drills on the chalk board. And Just saying, I'll most likely be asking half of you to leave afterwards."

"That's not fair! What if someone is pretty mediocre at warm ups but great in actual games." A fifth year boy interupted.

"You want to argue with me? Do you want to leave before even warmi-" But before she could finish having a go at the boy she turned around, took a deep breath and told herself to stay positive. 

She turned back around with a more pleasant, apologetic look on her face saying, "We have enough people here to make up four quidditch teams and frankly, I only need three players. So if your technique and warm ups aren't to my standard, I won't waste anymore of your day." V said.

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