Chapter 42- The Two Sides

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The next morning, V and George woke up to a lot of clashing and yelling, with the back to school spirit finally in full swing. Despite sleeping on a mound of blankets and pillows on the floor, they both had sore backs but they were more concerned about being subtle about the night before then any mild pain they were experiencing.

George slipped out of the room, stealing a cheeky kiss from his girlfriend as he did and made his way down to his own room where he would without a doubt have to face interrogation from his twin brother. When George had left, V flopped onto her bed in a daze. The memory she had of the night before came back to her and she suddenly got a dreadful tight feeling in her chest as she thought about having to go downstairs and facing Mrs Weasley.

But V wasn't going to let one hateful woman kill her aura, V knew that many people disliked her without actually knowing her, so why should she let this one lady push her around? So she then defiantly grabbed her bags which she had packed the week before and got changed into the one outfit she had left out. She carried all her bags down the stairs till she was on the ground floor and left them in the hallway.

She then strode into the kitchen where world war three appeared to be unfolding and she grabbed a piece of toast and began to eat her breakfast as serenely as ever. Mrs Weasley suddenly stopped in her tracks when she saw V in the kitchen. She gave V a very awkward and anxious look but V had merely glanced back at her in return. At this, Mrs Weasley went back to bossing Ron around except a bit more passively.

Shortly after breakfast, everyone was saying their goodbyes as they were about to leave for Hogwarts. Remus and Tonks were to escort them all on the knight bus, which V had never been on before. V made a note to steer clear from Mrs Weasley but she did bid farewell to Mr Weasley and her father. He had insisted on coming along with them in his dog form but that  still didn't change the fact he couldn't say his farewells at the station.

"I hope you don't get too lonely here while we're gone." V said. Sirius looked grim at this and automatically V felt bad for him. "I'll send you owls as much as I can and soon enough it'll be Christmas." She reassured and he gave her a weak smile.

"Don't worry about me sunshine, you've now got a quidditch team and your grades to think of." He replied sounding more like a father than he ever had.

Soon enough they were out the door and holding out a wand to flag down the knight bus which seemed to zip up next to the group out of nowhere. V was stunned by the tall bus. The door then open and there was a young slender man with a slack attitude about them.

"Back to Hogwarts I reckon? That'll be eleven sickles each." He exclaimed. Remus dug through his pockets grabbing the right amount while the man gave Sirius a nervous glance. "Er, I'm not sure about this one 'ere." The man said pointing towards Sirius.

"Don't worry about him, he's well behaved and friendly, he won't be a trouble at all I promise." V spoke up, scratching Sirius behind the ear as he stuck his tongue out and panted happily.

"Oh alright, but any funny business and you're off the bus." The man replied and everyone piled up onto the not so busy bus.

V sat on a bench with Sirius, who took up quite a bit of space while the twins sat together with poor Ginny squished between them. Remus and Tonks sat together, with Remus looking a bit anxious and Harry, Hermione and Ron all fitted onto one bench. V finally understood why Remus seemed so nervous when the bus had started moving. 

The benches weren't actually attached properly to the floor so as the bus zoomed around, the benches went from side to side with it. Sirius seemed rather distressed about this, especially being in his dog form, so V held on tightly to him making sure he wouldn't be flung off the seat after every turn the bus made. Thankfully, the nauseousness was short lived because of the speed the bus traveled at, and they were safely delivered at Kings Cross station.

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