Chapter 53- A Bloody Detention

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V's day to outsiders would have seemed absolutely spectacular, after all, Slytherin had won their quidditch game against Hufflepuff. It was a surprisingly easy win V had thought, probably due to the extra work V had put into Draco and his seeker skills. He was carried off the field by fellow Slytherin and they had all been celebrating the win in the common room throughout evening. However, something didn't quite sit right with her once they had won. She didn't know what it was but nothing seemed to be sitting right with her lately anyway.

V grew sick of the party very quickly as all she wanted to do was study, and this was very hard to do when all these rowdy boys were yelling at the top of their lungs.

After a while V gave up and decided to go on a walk around the school grounds. The fresh air slowly brought her head out of the haze that it was in and into the world around her. She loved it, the snow that covered the grounds, the sun that glimmered down on it, and the vibrant colors from the setting sky.

V sat in the castles courtyard which was virtually empty, and admired the beauty around her. The place she was sitting was the place she had first talked to they shared their silly animal puns. V reminisced back to this feeling a smile tug at her lips.

But the feelings of warmth didn't last long. She felt a weight on her, like a demon sitting on her chest that reminded her about reality every time she drifted too far from it. There was a war coming and there nothing she could do to stop this. Wars meant nothing but bloodshed and life loss and that was inevitable. Even if by some miracle both her and George came out of this unscathed, at least someone they were close to were going to be lost. For V, she wasn't close to many people having lost both her parents in the last wizarding war. George on the other hand was from a family of seven children. V was scared he might never be the same if he lost someone he held dear.

As if the universe had planned everything to a perfect pin point, V noticed a familiar red head making his way across the courtyard. He approached her grabbing her hand and planting a kiss on it with a cheeky smile.

"M'lady." He jested lightly.

"Why is it every time I sit here you randomly appear?" V asked with a hint of a smile.

"I'm magic like that." George replied quirking an eyebrow. "Nah, you see that tower over there?" George asked pointing up at a tower a little bit east of the courtyard. The tower was fairly high but it definitely wasn't the tallest tower in the school.

V nodded as she looked up at it.

"Well that's where my dormitory is. I have a window next to my bed which I can peak out, and see quite clearly this courtyard and the quidditch pitch behind it. I look out the window every so often and maybe- just maybe I see this little dot of platinum blonde sitting right here." George explained. "But nowadays, when I look down at you I see a patch of black with blonde rippling out of it."

V had noticed this too. Her hair was growing and with it her shockingly dark roots.

"Guess I am my father's daughter." She said, feeling confused at first because she didn't know what father she was talking about.

"So, what's going on in that head of yours?" George asked.

"A war. Almost literally." V said, dismissing what she had said with a shrug.

"Hmm, the real world. What an inviting place." George commented sarcastically. "I'll be out there soon enough." George murmured.

"Won't we all?" V chided but George gave her a look. "What?" V asked tilting her head like a confused puppy.

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