Chapter 18- Diagon Alley

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The Quidditch World Cup turned out to be a complete disaster, after Fred and George had taken Ginny into the forest, V insisted on finding Adrian and Lucian. She eventually found them all still slightly drunk at 1 in the morning, running through the forest. Without saying goodbye to the Weasley's, they all quickly went back home and V drove back to the orphanage in her car.

When she reached he orphanage at four in the morning, she quietly snuck into her room managing not to wake everyone up. She then woke up at one the next day to a small excited bird pecking at her face, causing her to groan. She wished she hadn't left her window open the night before. Though she was grumpy, she gently picked the bird off of her and gave it some spare nuts that she kept in her drawer for whenever she got owls. She then untied the message that was attached to its leg and petted the excited creature.

Dear Mia,
I hope you are alright and have gotten home safely. We all think it was Lucius Malfoy and some other old deatheater's who launched the attack especially after what you were saying last night. It was a right mess last night, Harry, Ron and Hermione were talking about how Mr Crouch's (The head of the department of international magical cooperation) house elf was found with the wand that casted the dark mark. The wand was also Harry's to confuse it even more. Hope you've rested enough and perhaps we can meet at Diagon alley tomorrow?

V hadn't realized that Harry was with them and she felt a whole lot more bitterly now that she knew that Harry was intruding on another area of her life. She decided to suck it up and write a nice reply.

She flipped over the piece of paper and began to write;

Dear George,
I'm fine and I hope you are too, I highly doubt anyone except for us will know that it was Malfoy but that's the ministry for you. Diagon Alley sounds great, we can meet at the leaky cauldron at eleven o'clock.

V then tied the note to the owl's leg and proceeded to gently let it go out the window only for it to fall a few meters, causing V to scream, but then fly again.

As the bird flew off, V then realized that she signed the letter off as Mia instead of V. She knew that she couldn't get the bird back to change it now, but deep down she knew that she wouldn't even if she got the chance so she just smiled.

The next day V slept in a bit as her sleeping pattern had been disturbed by the quidditch world cup but not too much as she knew that she had to meet George and Fred at Diagon alley. She was out of the orphanage at 10 and arrived at the leaky cauldron with minutes to spare.

She parked her Cadillac Allante outside and stepped in to find Fred, George and their friend Lee Jordan all waiting.

"Hello." V greeted beaming brightly.


"Mia!" They said at the same time crushing her into a hug.

"Calm down, I only saw you a couple nights ago." V said as she felt her bones crack.

"Well that night death eaters were attacking everyone." George said.

"And you were drunk!" Fred exasperated.

"Whatever." V mumbled.

"Anyway, I need to get to Gringott's, I've blown all my money on my baby outside." V said.

"Your baby!?" Lee Jordan then asked, sounding thoroughly confused.

V and the twins laughed. "Yea, my car, don't worry, I didn't have an actual baby." V explained, still giggling a little.

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