Chapter 15- Professor Sprout and Professor Lupin

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V had gotten up at 5 in order to catch the sunrise as summer was right at her doorstep now however she did so happily. As she walked down to the greenhouse, she began to mutter things that she was grateful for. The list of things had grown since her father had gone free and told her the truth about himself and Peter Pettigrew. Her smile steadily broadened as she walked down to the greenhouse.

"I'm grateful for my father, for he is actually a good pure hearted man. I'm grateful for all my friends especially my new ones she." She said thinking of Fred and George. "I'm also grateful that no one worked out that it was I who grew that weed out..." She was then at the door of the greenhouse and said one last thing. "I'm grateful that Snape isn't doing my career advising."

She opened the door to the greenhouse and found that it was empty. She went straight to weeding, humming a peaceful tune as she did so, the plants around were snapping while a few slowly bloomed revealing florescent colors. But soon when the greenhouse brightened with the morning light, V noticed a plump figure walking down towards greenhouse two which was the one she was in.

The door opened and the lovely, muddied clothed, Professor Sprout walked in.

"Good morning V, are you ready for the career talk?" Professor Sprout beamed at her.

"Yup." V said confidently in reply

After Professor Sprout put her gardening gloves on, they mindlessly weeded the pots and spoke of all of V's subjects and interests.

"To start off with, it's important that you choose a career according to your strengths, for example, you wouldn't become an Auror if you struggled with defense against the dark arts. However, that doesn't seem to be the case with you." Professor Sprout said with a wink, looking towards a clipboard with V's exam grades on it. Defense against the dark arts had Outstanding written next to it.

"You have passed all your subjects with either Outstanding or Exceeds expectations so it appears that it doesn't really matter what you choose but I would stick with all your Outstanding's. That would be Charms, Defense against the dark arts, Herbology, Potions and Study of Ancient Runes. You should be very thankful you got Outstanding in Potions otherwise Professor Snape wouldn't let you in his class."

V made a small noise that sounded like a scoff but Professor Sprout pretended to go deaf for the few seconds when V had done so. It was clear that V hadn't been particularly fond of Professor Snape ever since he snarled at her last name in her first year but she always tried to keep her angry feelings towards him concealed as he was her head of house. However, she had done with concealing her emotions when he tried to become the one to hand her father over to the dementor's. In the lessons since when she stunned him, he had been especially sour towards her and her him.

"It also says here that you have done better with every subject except Herbology at theory so that could lean you towards a desk or experimental job. So what field are you looking at?" Asked Professor Sprout eagerly.

V thought about this like she had been for the last few days leading up to their talk. "I'm not too sure..." She began. "My mother was a Healer." She stated leaving an eerie silence behind her words.

Professor Sprout thought of V's kind hearted mother who she had personally known as her best Herbology students back in the day. She had to take a breath when V had said this as these were big words to comprehend.

"Indeed." Professor Sprout replied. "Are you thinking of getting into the medical field?"

"I mean, I had a couple jobs in mind. It was that or a quiet ministry desk job." V said day dreaming of the image of a desk with a nice little pot plant growing on it.

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