Chapter 23- The First Task

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V was having trouble liking defense against the dark arts very much this year. She didn't mind going to the library and studying but the in class activities were exhausting and scarring. This particular lesson, Professor Moody insisted that the year was behind on curses and told them that he was putting the Imperius curse on his fourth years so it was an expectation that everyone should tackle the task.

"Right class," He exclaimed to them. "It is very important being able to fight off the Imperius curse as you could be forced by a dark wizard to do their bidding. You may think I am breaking rules by putting the curse on you but I am here to teach you how to defend yourself from the dark arts, resisting the dark arts." He explained.

"Mr Bole, we'll try it on you first." Lucian looked affronted but not for long as Professor Moody was quick. "Imperio!"

Lucian immediately jumped up out of his seat, with quicker reflex's then V had ever seen before, he began to dance the Macarena. A few people were laughing but V didn't find this amusing at all, one of the darkest of magic's were being used on him and it was highly illegal. Soon it began clear that he wasn't going to resist so Professor Moody let him go.

"Constant vigilance!" Professor Moody cried as Lucian sat back down from on top of his desk with a confused look. "That's all it takes to throw off the curse."

"Miss Black, I know you've got a bit of that." He said and she knew that he was going to choose her next.

Ever since, Professor Moody gave her the photograph of her younger self and her parents, she couldn't find it in herself to glare at him, it was like a contract of her respect. Before V found time to get ready, Professor Moody called out "Imperio!" And that was the last thing she heard before this weird light eerie feeling overcame her.

A voice told her to get up from her set so she did so and then to do a cart wheel and she mindlessly did one and then it told her to grab some chalk and write on the black board.

V picked up the chalk and began to write, I- a-m- t-h- e- d-a-u-g but when she realized what she was writing she suddenly fought against the eerie sensation. It was now becoming tiring and heavy but she wasn't going to let herself write something that she had been fighting against her whole life. So with all her might, she began to scribble back and forth over t-h-e-d-a-u-g while things began even more heavy and her arms began to burn.

While V struggled against the curse, she let out excruciating yelps from the exhaustion. The class was amazed to see that instead of carrying on writing what Moody was telling her too, she began writing something else.


When Professor Moody saw that she was able to write her name even though she was under the full impression of the Imperius curse, he took the curse off of her.

V felt as though she was a cage bird that had been freed after a long summer when Professor Moody took it off. She felt light headed and tired but a lot better.

As V slouched her way back to her set, Professor Moody carried on talking.

"That was superb fighting from Miss Black, I think you did better than Potter there. Now don't get your hopes up the rest of you, she made that look pretty easy if you ask me."

Professor Moody took the curse on everyone in turn but he was right, no one else could resist it like V who felt as though she could nap right there and then. At the end of the lesson, as V walked through the door even though she was in a drowsy state, she couldn't help but notice that Cedric Diggory was the only one who hadn't had a turn with the curse.

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