Chapter 26- The Unexpected visitor

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V had never properly gotten in trouble before, sure she had gotten a detention in her third year for trying to sneak into the restricted section but other than that she had a clean record. Professor Dumbledore then stopped at the griffin and said in a clear voice, "Chocolate Frogs," And just like that, the griffin began to spin and unwind a staircase.

With heavy steps, V walked up the stair case into the office feeling immensely guilty that she had misbehaved so badly in class but deep down knowing that Snape had provoked her on a clearly bad day for her. V kept her head down entering the office, not daring to look up at all of Dumbledore's wonderful inventions and books.

Awaiting to hear a dreaded warning from Dumbledore, she was surprised to hear instead somebody not quite of Dumbledore's age clear their throat. Looking up expecting to see Snape, she instead saw her father standing before her, with his unshaven face and long mangled hair which blended in with the black fur coat that he was wearing.

At first, V looked very shocked to see him and kept on opening and closing her mouth trying to say something but then she suddenly looked overjoyed. "So I'm not getting expelled!?" She cried out with a huge grin on her face.

"Now where did you get the idea that you would be expelled?" Professor Dumbledore asked curiously.

V suddenly looked very affronted. "Oh you know, nerves I guess." She said fiddling with hair seeming unconcerned.

"Don't worry, I know of your melt down in potions." Professor Dumbledore said sounding as placid as ever.

"Damn it." V muttered but Dumbledore pretended he didn't hear a thing.

However, in her relief, V seemed to have forgotten about her recent sourness towards the man standing in front of her. Not until she looked up into his guilty eyes and the office was suddenly in an awkward silence.

"I'll leave you two be then." Dumbledore said then taking a step out of his office leaving the father and daughter be.

"How'd you get here without getting caught?" V then asked taking a seat in an empty chair.

"I broke out of Azkaban, I can do anything." He replied.

"Right." V said then it went awkwardly silent again.

Sirius then let out a sigh and slowly walked over to V looking her in the eye. "Look, I must say I'm sorry. I really did have no idea about the account or who it may be left to so I just took it all and decided to give Harry twelve years wort of birthday presents."

"And you didn't owl me an apology... because?" V asked with genuine curiosity but a sharp look on her face.

"Well, I think it is more sincere in person and an apology wasn't the only reason I came to see you." Sirius explained.

"Going to tell me to look after Harry again are you?" V asked quirking an unimpressed eyebrow.

"Well no-"

"Or do you want me to babysit his friends as well now?"


"Oo, I know, you're going to give me twelve years' worth of birthday presents now!" V said with a smile on her face but a dead look in her eyes.

"VINDEMIATRIX AURORA BLACK!" He bellowed and V suddenly went quiet, looking quite proud of herself. "Sorry, I didn't mean to yell."

"Didn't you?" V asked coldly. "I think the main thing you really should be sorry about isn't so much the money, but what you invested the money into." V then stated now looking extremely serious, so serious that her father had a frown of contemplation. "I get it, Harry is the orphan of your dead best friend. He lives quite an unfortunate life being constantly forced to face obstacle after obstacle after obstacle but have you ever took a minute to stop and think about my life at all? I live in an orphanage, I get all this attention at school but not because I'm the boy who lived but rather the daughter of the mass murderer. Harry has an Aunt and Uncle where I have literally no family except you, yet you have chosen to spend more time trying to please him rather than your own blood daughter." V said sounding very shaky.

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