Chapter 32- Gossip and Dates

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"So you guys haven't kissed yet?" Flora asked V as they sat down, eating breakfast in the Great Hall.

"How do you know that?" V asked sounding shocked, managing somehow to catch eyes with George who was sitting on the other side of the Great Hall.

"Gossip. You'd be surprised by what you hear if you simply open up your ears, did you know that Terrance and Charlotte Blackwood hoo-"

But V quickly stopped her before she could say anything more. "NO! No, no." She cried, waving her hands about. "I keep my ears shut for a reason thank you very much." V said while the Carrow twins laughed at her.

"Yea Flora, she can't even handle a kiss." Hestia joked causing V to roll my eyes.

"Whatever guys." V said glaring at them,

"Aww, we're just joking." Flora said putting an arm round her.

"Yea, better to be innocent then snogging everywhere possible like Flora and Adrian." Hestia said with a snort.

"You can't say much, you and Lucian do worse by what I've seen!" Flora snapped.

"We're not even dating, Flora, you're the one who can't say much." Hestia replied.

"Exactly! That's why it's so bad!" Flora said.

They continued back and forth like this for a while, arguing, threatening and shoving where they could so V quickly and subtly got up and left them. She walked over to the Gryffindor table where George, Fred and Lee were talking and she sat down next to George.

"Have you come to steal George from us again?" Lee asked.

"Mmhm." She replied with a mischievous smile.

"Well see you guys later then." George said with a wink and together they got up and left the Great Hall.

George had his arm around V as they walked, both of them with small smiles on their faces and not saying a word. Today was the Easter Hogsmeade trip and George asked her to go on a date with him which she gladly agreed to.

The walk down to Hogsmeade was peaceful with the seasons swinging into spring and everything coming back to life again. They weren't talking to each other, just enjoying each other's presence and that was pleasant enough for them.

Eventually they reached the small settlement of Hogsmeade and of course, by George's request they went to Zonko's joke store where George did everything in his power to prove that it was the best store in the world by trying to make her laugh. After spending most of his money on prank products, V then dragged George to the quill store where V tried emphasize the importance of having a good strong set of quills for essay writing.

George started to laugh as V grew more and more stressed about how George just used standard quill's throughout the year because he hardly did any writing anyway.

"I'm serious George! If you want quality work you need a quality quill, its one of my main philosophy's. When I'm studying late at night, tying to finish multiple essays, things can get blurry and the next thing I know the feather in my hand snaps. Once, I snapped three quills in one night." V said waving an eagle feather quill in her hand, trying to create emphasis.

"Wow, the thrilling sport of writing essays, who knew it could be so dangerous." George said sarcastically, laughing at her.

"Shut up." V said, realising what she was saying and laughing along too.



But George was distracted by something on a shelf behind her. He pulled a quill out of a pot labeled 'cheat quills' and quirked his eyebrows. "Now this is my kind of quill."

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